Friday, June 14, 2019

Special Club Mix

  1. the Mandlers
    try to help me out with the entrainment BE Only the
    little boy who don't know
    but the Type they HATE the most keeps popping up
  2. crabby and - too in their own world to rather give a good fuck
  3. so you have like 5 different types
    and we peck at each other cept' alpha man football hero WOOOOF .. he + KNOWS + he's is superior
    it's the next in line wants to take him down etc etc..
    and the one after that just sort of ....well...
    I wouln't know > I'm half way between the
  4. after Crabby Grumpy "too good" to swoon over his genetic superiors is

    basically - someone TOO DIM to even know he's supposed to cum all over himself for Football hero
  5. beyond Lessor is the type won't follow anybody - Crabby Envy - you know the type - from High School etc.
  6. alpha beta - Lessor etc.

  7. supposedly the research is about social hierarchy

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