Wednesday, June 12, 2019

  1. STOP taking your Meds
    THEY want !!! you to take the meds..
    you're not Crazy ..I thought I was too..
    but I found this site ..Targeted Individuals ..there are 10,000 in the USA alone
    join the group , inform yourself Wake Up !
  2. Targeted individuals we are special not crazy via
  3. BRB
  4. aB@ I.. you're NOT crazy
    for reals your not
    let me tell you a site to go to
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    about how the "ugly" disorders like schizophrenia and DID are often pushed to the side.
  6. ugly schizophrenia
  7. Hey petey
    you're not even crazy
    did you know you're a TI
    yes, a targeted individual
  8. don't blow your top petey pie I ve seen many hot schizophrenics..specially when they stop taking their MEDS.
  9. any other schizophrenic living at home at Mommy's typing 8 hours a day
    who are 50 years old ?
    wanna cuddle ?
  10. also the reason schizophrenics ( like me ) so fugly is because in the loony bins they send us to
    we're give neuroleptics that give you tardive dyskesia
  11. I heard schizophrenics faces "morph" because they have psychogenic reactions to feeling

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    about schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, and all the left-out "ugly" mental illnesses.
  13. peep peep peep peep

    why is it only ugly guys seem to get the schizophrenia ?

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