Sunday, June 16, 2019

guilty remnants and dead Doctors

  1. it's part of the Party dude...
    yum yum yum
  2. while dude in arkham
  3. dupe's face swells up we talkin fug with a capital LY goin on
    so naturally the guy posts it leave it up wher eit stays 3 weeks
  4. acoustics and Voice to Skull weapons be aimed at his noggin to help the DUPE sound cray cray cray
    to brand the topic
  5. yep
  6. is the gist of the manic posting of the TIs
    and guess why?
  7. fuck you fuck you fuck you
  8. elaborate
    tales of DRs.
    and DREW ..
  9. BOGUS stories are created
    about the anchor hosptials involved in case some "TI" starts yapping
  10. Olive View-UCLA Internal Medicine c/o 2017 R3 video via
  11. 700 bucks a day to go In patient basket weave is good dough
    so these Teams are assmebled to aim this shit at well

    human shit people nobody wants around any way
  12. a PONZI scheme is hatched
  13. but thing is - In BATMAN these weapons DO exist and guess what ?
  14. now that is ONE scary Creepy Poster you have there..
    and after the NEXT 'Ti" goes binky bonk YOU BET nobody gives a good fuck these nutters take to arkham
  15. next thing you know all these nutters online screaming AH HA!!!!! i knew i wasn't a nutter...

    Active denial ray Gun super sonic Weapons made me this sick
  16. up go the signs
    and billboards and some manufactured web site

    all PUS PORN comic sans EWWW EEWW EEWW
  17. but they need to get the wheel rolling
  18. well , they get an idea
    have the schizophrenics

    TELL on themselves
  19. start taking a few 'Nutters" in to arkham

    Daniels dent and king get wind of it all hell breaks loose.
  20. thing is - in Batman
    the story I write and want back
    well, they set up scanners.. after the Pansy Parade fiasco

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