Monday, June 10, 2019

Shooter TI

  1. The latest on Gavin Long: Shooter is at least third 'targeted individual' to commit mass shooting | via
  2. except to NUDGE schizophrenics to either INFORMATION FORAGING that leads to DELUSIONAL BELIEF SYSTEM "maintenance " or MURDER
  3. why is GOOGLE promoting SITES claiming NEURO WEAPONS are being used on "Every Day Concerned Citizens"
  4. who the fuck put these BILLBOARDS up to play with a mental patients MIND ?
  5. do i not have the RIGHT - to KILL That Doctor and Their Family ?
  6. to convince SCHIZOPHRENICS that SHOT they Gave You at whatever HOSPITAL the EMTs took you to when you heard voices and snapped put BIOTECH and RFD CHIPS in you ?
  7. to DRIVE schizophrenics to seek REVENGE on those who PUT CHIPS in their BRAINS?
  8. to DRIVE schizophrenics like you CRAZY?
  9. so Jim , why are they there?
  10. that these SITES and BILLBOARDS made schizophrenic THINK this was true
  11. that neuro weapons are Not Real
  12. of course Facebook gave me no 'help help help " because they knew they know these HUMAN RESEARCH PROJECTS are not true
  13. 'a whole other thing the Batman Thing - to MASK the "help help help " stuff on Facebook
  14. but , if you can use that Batman Thing we talked about
  15. he said there is no precedent for this in terms of "controlling" a client driven to think 24/ 7 as Spool ..
  16. all this stuff about Not Typing - online as a case is slowly built etc..doesnt apply BECASE Jim, you were driving CRAZY by this Google Game
  17. and if someone was aware of this and deliberately tried "fucking with " mental patients to send them on a wild goose chase for SCHIZOPHRENIC INFORMATION FORAGING data .. well, heads will roll and heads SHOULD roll
  18. he said the way a schizophrenic LOOKS at sites about IMPLANT , CHIPS , REMOTE VIEWING etc. is very very different than the way one without these issues views such information
  19. ..although the SITES LOOK like Creepy Pasta ( the Targeted Individual "line") they are not properly MARKED as Urban Myth for Entertainment ONLY
  20. but for now the focus is on ATTRACTORS ( i.e STIMULI ) in the SEARCH ENGINE ...not presented as ' Creepy Pasta"
  21. and never shared the money made from such data with the "subject / user" than according to the lawyer "we have a Immortal Henerietta Lacks thing " going on here as well
  22. and some legal term about 'extent of license" - as in If they used 15 hours of hysterical rants for what is called Theory of Mind day to day year by year ..
  23. the case against Facebook - for now - is secondary..concerning - possible profits he made / makes on SCHIZOPHRENIA RESEARCH
  24. So , in your hysteria to SEARCH for information about your CRISIS you did not run down to the nearest bookstore to be lead to a CONSPIRACY section of that store ?
  25. did you read about TARGETED INDIVIDUALS at a BORDERS or BARNES and NOBLE ? "no" I said
  26. and 'back trace" where you got - side tracked - from seeking psychiatric treatment - and began typing 15- 18 hours a day to SHARE evidence of Non Existence CRIME
  27. we begin with the FACT you have been diagnosed as schizo - affective with aural and visual hallucinations
  28. "we begin Jim , with the FACT you are mentally ill ..."
  29. but that is not the reason these lawyers speak to me .. they want to - spin this - differently
  30. anyone who knows me knows I type 15 to 18 hours a day since being - ..
  31. something gets REAL around here. I have begun speaking to lawyers. who actually - speak back
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    Oklahoma City Bombing 20 Years Later: Photos And Quotes From Leaders And Survivors Of The Nation???s Worst Homegrown Terrorist Act
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    Federal labor laws can combat human trafficking in workplace
  34. 1992 TOYS Trailer Robin Williams Robin Wright Low via
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    Research Focuses on Improving Sow Welfare and Productivity:
  36. Ernie Maresca - Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out) via
  37. If the DATA is being used as MEDICAL RESEARCH and the BIO SIGNALS ( Vocalization ) indicate the INDIVIDUAL is suffering unduly than the recipient of that data is responsible for acting in a meaningful matter
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    Operation TORage- ( Batman Fandom ) A 'Run Off" of both the Life Span Testing and Outsourced Behavioral Testing to entice social media users with genuine Thought Disorders ( and "not so much ') to provide the 8th Floor with endless Affective Data
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    Pattern Seeking in Belief Updating in Schizophrenia Repetitive behavior is associated with perturbed neural signaling in foraging in males with schizophrenia
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    Image: Attractor-like Dynamics in Belief Updating in Schizophrenia ... Palo Alto Community Standards This post goes against our Community Standards, so no one else can see…
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