Monday, June 10, 2019

dancing fool

to the moon phase 0n3 (1951){
my dads very funny very laid back inhis philoshy student must have been very hot in his days .he was quite handsome.very high contrast ...
he shoulda waitn around for a better piece of tail.
i mean there was no better tail i am sure any where in the eastern seaborn.for gerri was here'
geer was raised by a coulpa gypsies Rudo found in the dumps during the depression serious ly thats who raised this genetic moontour.THE REAL LAUNCH TO THE MOON AND sut NiCK was fro over paid scirntist to essentially 'breed" PremIum High grade ass.....
really these scientist who think they are so butch they play without helmits against homes and families division//
really all the y are is matchmakerts.never mind it's with jism and eggs.
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