Tuesday, June 11, 2019

  1. instead dumbo it turns out he's someone who should be shot by a cop ?
  2. hell yeah if that GUY in the TV show was sayoing THAT to the head of the social; meda youd GET IT but instead...
  3. to rather give a fuck about let alone protect
  4. i mean for god's sake you're placinjg live human beings - acting actish around a few 'chosen one's TMZ here.. i/e gangstalking I/e avoidance response and threat stimuli and fuck knows what for some neuro markeiting fuck show you expect "army men " you used as FUCK knows
  5. i mean TV is now a MIND MAPPING catalyst ..right?
  6. subtext maybe - something that will HIT you about it - as if a puzzle days weeks later..?
  7. and you're pretty sure the actor reading it was like HUH?
  8. you think this guy is gonna SAY and DO something no , just SAY something the gives a reason for that ACTIOn and you're like HUH?
  9. seriously .
  10. what the fuck was the point to that entire episode ?
  11. if i was to kidnap someone .. ... to make a point ...well..
  12. the acting was good Miley Cyrus was very good .. as was that episode - liked the Gumball rally ode to disney shit in between - worked for me.. the gaming one was quite good - better than I expected.. the smithereens one well...
  13. and their work will be - more pure
  14. maybe you shouldn't pay the people next time
  15. don't know why ..seems like someone didnt try very hard is all
  16. just the same was disappointed with the episodes
  17. youre retarded dumbo so i give you leeway but when you start doing and saying shit to try to be an asshole
  18. if you were with someone and so pang went through you OH I wish You were more fun or hotter.. or some such shit you wouldnt say it
  19. you have a grumpy time of it you keep it to yourself until i can find a way to shape it into rocket fuel for the tasks people in general do not ... kn ow what i mean asshole?
  20. you sort of know this is about tv and you sorta know - shut the fuck up so you sorta say things you can't say and make me kinda use this shit to fuck with your body
  21. it's this shit - grok the Mandlers
  22. i try watching TV - "smithereens " i saw it once. i was disappointed... no worries....it';s just TV...i used to be able to watch it more in keeping wi...feel that in your throat dumbo- grok the Mandlers.
  23. The deaths of four young Turkish engineers, all within the space of 14 months during 2006 and 2007, could be connected to synthetic telepathy, according to a report from the Inspection Board of the Turkish Prime Ministry.

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