Monday, June 10, 2019

mumblejumble tumble feefi fumble yetti yinka pate

  1. DR. JONATHON CRANE ( to group ) Dennis Pace , you see, is Too Good to be in a mental hospital , Denny Pace you see believes he is superior to you DARIUS : ( to Denny , with threatening gesture ) Faggit
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    INT - DR JONATHON CRANE'S HOUSE - DAY MARION and JONATHON carry the newborn , DARIUS CRANE into the ...
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    More INT - DR. JONATHON CRANE - DAY DR: If we convince them "the worst has been done already" than they'll believe there's no point in doing it again VALERIE : And how do you suppose we make it sound as if it was already done? DR: The Child Cohorts themselves - we did it too

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