Friday, November 25, 2016

DC Comics Movement Disorder Suit

DC Comics Movement Disorder Suit
A Pennsylvania Class Action Attorney has agreed to take on DC Comics for it's depiction of Dystonia a severe rigidity of the muscles , saying that writers were aware that their depiction of the disease and it's inclusion in the recent Batman storyline was added to give qualities of "grotesqueness " to the villian.While writers are not required to censor themselves publishers are often given detailed instructions by medical advocates to carefully contend with issues concerning stereotype and the associations these stereotypes foster.
Plaintiffs claim that DC Comics not only failed to provide information about the movement disorder marked by involuntary muscle contractions except as vehicle to make the villain appear repulsive
Prior to October 2016 Pennylvania over site committees ruled that the does not mandate that writers nor publishers specifically self monitor their product for offensive material but as more Plaintiffs get on board the class action lawsuit with Dystonia or with friends or family members with the disease that according to WeMove Coordinator ,"can appear to others as scary or off putting. And this fact was used by DC Comics in a very repugnant way "

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