Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Urban cow boi

They want to capture you
On a bedpost ire
Lax non exists can't fro. Tampered with -dope

Imp razing,stelazi e,talcum powder a little Paxil ..
But smoked 
U know the drill
You'ew a little soldier
Trying to see "our boys" who leave stateside might comport themselves s when trying to idel  away the time between 
You imagine what real crack tastes like while lighting up the Forced Swi. test
If anything it will make up for your talking too much about 
The disfigurement 
Fro. The kindling of the signals perturbed to even produce hormones or ions to assure flat muscle and nerves work as they should 

You were always a game to the researchers
As you were to your father who raised you by the book 
BF Skinner ..Sky Line
It is so ingrained in you
Serving Singua.rity 
U don't balk even as your teeth wobble 
Teams played with me when I was small
I will always be small 
Though a Free Moving Animal
In terms of science 
In terms of a read based on -even after all this -Free Will 

Let me explain Free Will had little or nothing to do with me "agreeing" to play Night Watch 
a simulation created to make the Husk feel he is of some value 
by Covering the Waterfront

I have,ayes this Imbue a dozen times 
What u must understand
Anyone reading this but Teams 
Who have photos and tapes of me and video since the day I was hatched into Cradle to Grave Testing 
Is that to my wards
I am not human 
Only ectoplasm whose DNA contains "traits?
The Powers that Be must understand

All traits 
All types may they be binded to assure developmental normalcies are perverted to cement these traits  
For ever future use and research - down the line 

And in jr high
Ecology .human ecology .
I didn't know they words

Why would why .
A boy names sue
Poppa in apron springs
Momma in the Lingo of Lange 
To my team I am a little nancy boi
I am a Mad Magazine version og spaz and freak
But every now and than this must read around the neighborhood
And this Team leads me back to Night Work
My demographic raised to represent a flesh and blood representation of Mad Magazines depiction of Ewwww
Weiro Freak perverg
Those raised Boy Names Sue
But binded away from a sense of inner Boo to the world that dared pigeon hole
Theing eons raised to "play" with cybernetics
Yet the team demands ..every few months a private display of ech .loch ewwww spasms
By reaching I to their old bag of simulations
That convince that -for the cause-
You must play what I call "urban cowboy"
And be "Super Cop"undercover   cracker"
Presumably to create story
But mainly to view you smoking snorting injecting poison the "toys" in the Hood have been asked to see if "Mikey Lieks"

The Proxy on Patrol rundowns are mainly for the Mandlers to Blow off Steam

And help you reaffirm your cover
Disgusting druggie in the neighborhood

The drugs are not real..they don't get you high ..they get you sick
You A Boy named Sue -trying to play Down Low
Spend all your money twice three times
To get at least a hint of a hit

It's predictive response
You wanting to Be -of use
If only so you can fool yourself
This means anything besides just plain torture

It takes you days to recover.from the toxins
They need to test
You know not an ounce of street drug is in "the rock"
But you'ew just clap boarding the tests
If not this wY ..
Voluntarily another
Also to be truthful you like the effort of Street Theater going through the motions of You Junkie my Pusherman
It's an easy script
And maybe this time whatever is in this shit will kill you
Anything to make the wLls of this warehousing appear ..even in pain ,fear paranoia
Are reflecting something back but Maruta

You have made the mistake of bringing up the effects of the "tether"
The effects of the weapons altering your facial designs..your calcium flux, facial nerves ..edema..
And for doing this
You must "play drug addict"
Not with the -hit-of euphoria
Oh no
Just the physical damage to show and show
I had heard "teams " were hard at work trying to created a Direct Energy Weapons that effected dopamine
And therefore presented as "mental patient" being given dopamine agonists
I hear and read so many things
Than can never find them again
The blog.the social media seemed purposed to  finding things once and than
Never again

And in jr high
Ecology .human ecology .
I didn't know they words
Why would why .
A boy names sue
Poppa in apron springs
Momma in the Lingo of Lange 

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