Tuesday, November 29, 2016


According to the subtext of my schizo  affective disorder first given to me at Eugenia Hospital in early Summer 1994
a half a year into my time at bat being  hit over the head with Voice to Skull
and  Direct Energy that caused me to -lose me mind
the reasons for partaking
had to do with some type of training
Now I am aware the -training rundown -is what "teams" say to all the participants
.I have read several accounts of -the Spu Guy  rundown

What u must keep in mind
If you can
Is the entire
Is literally Sound..meaning words from seemingly
Would You or anyone -spy -or commit actions
Because a disembodied voice told you to?
And should you?
Of course not ....
None of this makes sense
but I am terrified none the less bringing this up ..
But less so because I realized I was/am being used
anti - spy
Anti -cool
Anti fun
And always was-unbeknownst to me
I was trained
managed and even promoted
As The very definition of Weiro 

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