Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Little Link Theater "My Name is Asher Levy"

XXXX  says I don’t know what I am missing if I don’t come to the production of 'My Name is Asher Levy' not just because he is doing the lights and sound but because he says the Little Link Theater is what they call a living theater- and during the show the audience themselves become part of the show.

XXXX says some of the theater actors play  Placed People

and  that their job as Placed People is to interact with some of the chosen members in the audience in their jobs and schools and in and around their residence

XXXX says some of the Place People just make problems at the person's workplace and residence .

XXXX  leans over me at the little desk  and whispers in my ear,'Some of the Placed People  are  often asked to play love interests in the  unware  participant’s life  and next play fathers or mothers to the child born into the Community Theater

The children who grow up in this unique social experiment are often quite theatrical as they have spent their entire lives being cued,’
And next XXXX slams my lap top shut.
He spins me around in my chair
XXXX looking into my eyes in that way he does sometimes when he needs to make some thing clear to me
 The look in his eyes and tone of his voice reminds  me of my second foster father. My 2nd Foster Father  used to burn me with lit rolled up newspaper as lightly as he could to not leave marks  to try to make me think out of my body .He said it was a secret rite of passage that I was not allowed to tell anyone at school.
Once, this burning ritual in fact enabled me to make a small plastic army man  he placed atop  a cereal box fall to the linoleum
-this feat - done with just my mind alone.
It was the only day  I remember my 2nd Foster Father being  nice to me.
The rest of the day ice cream and car rides anywhere I wanted to go.

Somehow  XXXX knew all these things when he met me

According to XXXX tons of kids were brought up that way ,”You’re not unique Dumbo –you’re as scripted as a CNN newsfeed in September “he said when we first started dating .

I start spacing out
just like I did whenever my 2nd Foster  father stood too close to me
but XXXX
won't have it

snapping his fingers in my face like he used to when he was still my lover
saying he  needed me to at least PRETEND
 to be there when he was on top of me

"Now listen up Denny Dumbo," XXXX says poking his finger in my chest ," alot of people spent a fuk of a lot of time working on this sh*t they pipe through your think mind ..and d-d-d-d-duh Dum-bo knows he's not allowed to write just to f*ckin amuse himself ..that's NOT what the computer 's for FOR Jew!

what you think the inhaled stimulants for assh*lke/
to mmmmmmake you stttttop!
 easiest job in the world and f*ckin Dumbo can't get that right
well you stupid puppet
this isn't only you're thing
you selfish prik
 Dummy ain’t gonna go screwing things up for them
know why because he screws things up for me

know what! I hope they kill you..I hope they do it even slower than they are now..
smoke the pipe loser

"You smoke the pipe loser" I say and XXXX raises his fist.

'Only a pussy stops smoking because they're worried about their health ..a little girly man ..pussy boi..WHAT LONG LIFE YOU THINK THEY GOT IN STORE FOR YOU IF YOU KEEP WRITING IT YOUR WAY! you think they feed you stories to entertain you assh*le ? Do you think they spent so much time making your childhood like it was for FUN or for a purpose dumbass!...they tolerate you at all only for the stories their stories! not you piddling around thinking you're some writer ..You're REEEETARD Dumbo! Your Tommy Walker who can't play pinball without the Tele-Presence you want to hit me Dum Dum..Good because I think if Dumbo can't stop typing on his own he needs to hospitalized in four points restraints with shots of Haldol every 6 hours...

I get up and reach under my bed for the suitcase which is already filled with clothes

"OOOOh Boy THIS again..." XXXX says ,"Hey Pinocchio you're not a kid anymore or didn't the Mandlers tell you that already did your Happy Wanderer blow job for a Happy Meal shit for the team ..everywhere you go they'll be people a hell of a lot more serious than me who know what you did to their story with your bullshit ...and who you gonna be crying to to come get you ME Dumbo when the Voices get meaner and louder and the visuals get too much side of the hotel with someone who just 'happens " to look like your Foster Mother and the othe rthe guy who raped you when you were 12 ..I care about you at least ..they just want to  rip your fukkin head off...put it on some stick .."

'Who are you supposed to be symbolically speaking -i mean is their any other way - as some variable right now me ..semiotically speaking ...what you supposed to represent ?..What does what's happening right now have to do with whatever happens next in the story?"

'You're not allowed to write about semiotics in the story're SUPPPOOOOOSED to think you're writing this as ...some cautionary tale "XXXX says but his voice wobbles


says   you're
     writing about
       fake possession

 'You're this little freak who thinks to aliens in the piece?'

I say, "I thought I was supposed to be this bad guy who used to draw sick  art work but doesn't draw anymore ..just writes online  constantly to give watermark proof he's been so destroyed by the powers that be  he can barely function ...meant to show what my TruGenic Bettors  do to sick minded people with these cruel and unusual neuro tech ..."

XXXX  looks at me hard to see if I have some facial tic or if my face suddenly swells ...
lately THIS is how Mandlers seem to talk through me

I feel nothing happen ..but than again
I have to gauge XXXX's reaction just to be sure
as now all i feel is tingling and endless  tremors

"Ok so you can write about those things ....YOU KNOW more than me ...oK..and I'm sorry if I go off on you ..but you're doing things you 're not allowed to do....and usually YOU STOP but lately  you won't .and I know you like it sometimes..." XXXX says

Suddenly XXXX starts doing jumping jacks

I look behind XXXX and see a smiling animated lion

and hear the lion only I see by way of the Operating Tele-Presence say in a cartoon Scooby Doo like voice

'Cautionary Tale '

Fukkin' LIE I think to Mandlers ...

XXXX gets down on his bended knee  and starts singing in a little voice

Hello, yeah it's been awhile
Not much how 'bout you?
I'm not sure why I called
Guess I really just wanted to talk to you
And I was thinking maybe later on
We could get together for awhile
It's been such a long time
And I really do miss your smile

I've seen XXXX behave this way before.
Something called "Forced Speech"
essentially Voice to skull sound sent to parts of your auditory cortex along with some aim of frequency to your Broca's area
not a genuine brain computer interface.
just a parlor trick really

Mandlers don't often do this to people around me except in bars
-guy or girl next to me starts quoting psalms
or saying  times tables out loud

it's no magic just the waves
I used to think other wise..


It occurs to me I didn't hear XXXX's phone beep for ProxyCyber to send XXXX my decoded  thoughts on his phone

They're  sending them right to his head.with the Voice to Skull sh*t
I know it's wrong to feel glad the Mandlers gave XXXX a dose of what i deal with every damn second and minute of the day
but also know XXXX won't recall a damn thing he's done or said

Than my mind starts racing this was another test by Mandlers
 believe it or not an unsolicited Brian Computer Interface is being used to judge people moral code FIRST and FOREMOST

or at least
THIS is the REASON  I got from  the damn Mandlers a week ago

I see a visual of some Parasol Picture's  CGI like Blue Fairy type of thing above XXXX's shoulder
and next hear a loud snap snap in my head
meaning wake up
but I am am thrown too much is going on
I see over XXXX's shoulder the blue fairy like emoji has been replaced by a little CGI like monkey playing cymbals

and the thought comes to me that they wouldn't be Mandling XXXX in this way if what he had to say wasn't important to me to understand

"Listen up Pumpkin ,"XXXX says ,'They say anything to keep you going...but they're saying this now..this talk of Advanced Technologies is just lies the aliens use to make you less afraid ..there is no Evan Rainy ....this technology is the myth ..."

"Is this some kind of de-briefing going on?" I find myself saying aloud ..not to XXXX not to Mandlers..just to hear if I am here at all..I can't stand seeing XXXX like this .I can tell he has no idea what he's saying .I think to the Mandlers if you want to send my thoughts to XXXX send them like you used to -
in a conventional way-on his phone
do what you want to me not XXXX

I should not have said the words de-briefing
I sense a fear go through me

I start thinking to Mandlers
it was just something I saw on Tv I think
just something I saw on tv
just something i saw on Tv
and suddenly I see a plain old yellow smiling face over XXXX's shoulder

"Did you hear about the actress Kimmie Baker falling through a water grate in North Hollywood last night ?" I say to XXXX

"She's gotten very thin since her break up with Adam Parker "XXXX says

The tension in the room seems broken XXXX walks over to my desk and opens the laptop and starts laughing at something on the screen

'..Ruiners ... talking their mumbo jumbo about weapons and technologies that read minds and interface to them..The damn lies these so called Targeted Individuals pu tin your head Man ! It’s sacrilegious’s horrible what they've done to you Dumbo making you doubt this is just plain Alien technology ..," XXXX looks at me ,'Don't worry we're going to save you..after all  when the day comes when the Entities light up the sky revealing themselves to all mankind one and all you sure as hell don’t want to be on the wrong side ..pretending it's all man made .."

"Sure XXXX whatever you say ," I tell him

and out of nowhere XXXX lunges at me putting his hand around my neck ,'Is this a fukkin game to you..You're not even IN  THIS except as some test pilot…some husk…to see if it works ..understand? As far as they're concerned you may as well be some brain pieces in a petri dish ..but they needed the free moving animal  with some vestiges of  human traits of free will”

I rip XXXX's hands off my throat and flip him around on his back wrapping my hand around his throat sticking my knee into his chest bending over him saying into his ear "Like this trait of Free Will ?"

"Psychopath' He says ,"Ruiner psychopath deviant on the TruGenic Scale of Humanity"

I get off him and XXXX stands up doing this brushing off of his shoulders like they do on TV.

"I kind of like Kimmie Baker thin ," XXXX says,"but not quite so thin as to fall down a sewer pipe grate in the middle of a side walk'

"It's a good thing she wasn't wearing heels ,' I tell XXXX

"I think Adam Parker will be good for Kimmie Baker and not just to help her career but to ground her ,"XXXX says

"Her career choices in what films she's chooses are not much better than the men she 's attracted to . Adam Parker is certainly a notch on anybody's belt 'I say

I watch XXXX in the type of ONE SHOT my Mandlers have taught me to view people in terms of composition that best suits the interface but I can't keep the focus .

XXXX is just standing there looking around the room like he's never been in it before

My Mandlers tell me to watch as XXXX now turns in two circles

Hops on one leg ,bows to me and next leaves the room

I wait and watch and open my lap top

I am not sure if forced speech concerning XXXX saying “whatever was on /it his mind” to me meant much of anything or if “Mandlers” above just wanted to tinker with XXXX.

‘A little of both’ a visual of a  Blueberry Mini White imparts when I open my laptop.

As always I pick up on the parts of the renditions that suit my needs.

Free Will of the human subject –the topic of the day.

As for the consequences of acting upon the will

if I really wrote about it –trust me you wouldn’t believe me

The mini wheat tells me that XXXX will come knocking on the door and I am not to say anything about what just happened . XXXX knows he was in my room thinking he was looking for T-shirt of his .

Go to the drawer find a light green T-Shirt the Mini Wheat says and I do

XXXX as the Mandlers graphed he would knocks on the door

“This it ?” I say holding up the T shirt

XXXX  sits on the side of the bed holding onto the T-Shirt and says XXXX   I don’t know what I am missing if I don’t come to the production- because he says the Little Link Theater is what they call a living theater- and during the show the audience themselves become part of the show. XXXX says because “My Name is Asher Levy” deals with the Holocaust some of the members of the audience during intermission are literally taken at gunpoint out of the theater by people dressed as Nazis.Next those chosen in the audience to be victims in the piece are  put into vans and  driven to a train depot where they are put in cattle cars and brought to a parcel of land endowed to the Memfis Ohio University Hospital  for human behavioral  testing.

“What do the Jews say about this ?” I ask

” Are you crazy Dumbo ? Who you think many of   the ones dressed as Nazis are?

 Ya' see -It’s a simulation of what ‘the bad guys ‘ might use on the Jews if they get a chance. ...they often use Jews for the testing because 'a good Jew" gonna do anything for their own people ..even be tortured to death as some kinda' Chanukah present to his tribe ...cwaaazzy huh  !”XXXX says ," And this sh*t they do to these audience members ...Oooo Boy ..I see some of them hearing voices  and seeing sh*t all scared all the time sometimes crying in the street ,sometimes screaming in the street holding their heads OW OW OW .....It’s amazing Dumbo- the prisoners don’t even have to stay on this parcel of land endowed to Memfis Ohio University  to be tortured ...…know why because they use this magic stuff on them ...magic stuff nobody can understand like waves and frequency we never seen no Chinese leftover  be cooked in some microwave ...just the same Denny Pace ,” XXXX says ,” it ‘s .-very,very spooky...why you get all afraid lookin' when I call you Denny Pace Dumbo...Denny Pace ain’t supposed to have no Spooooooky problems  because Denny Pace supposed to realize his situation has nothing to do with Placed People ..cause Denny Pace is supposed to understand the Placed People be infested with space aliens  just like him …what kind of Damien Darko douchebag goes trying to convince people day after day what’s happening to Damien Denny Dexter ain’t supernatural and be flagging their gums all the time about ..shhh

Yeah Dumbo you gotta come to the show ..maybe they'll pick you to be driven to Memfis Memorial

.it's all this simu -la -tion


and to make it even more for reals for reals

just like the   human experimentation in the  Holocaust there be tons and tons of dough made of the subjects 

  -Recognizable companies use the data from the human testing to make bundles ! .                                

and just like during the Holocaust -Hollywood lays off the topic -like they wouldn't make no mooooooovies bout Hitler 

 and get this Dumbo -Hollywood actually goes out of their way to HELP the testing be done !

they just keep on  churning out comic book movies and science fiction

that make the actual technology sound like

guess what? –- science fiction..."

‘What type of weapons ," I ask XXXX," Biological weapons? chemical weapons?’ I ask, “What are the weapons called?”

“They’re called nothing at all Dumbo- because the media isn’t allowed to talk about weapons development. It’s called news blackout “XXXX says

“This is just something that happens in the play,"I tell XXXX," ..make believe ” I tell XXXX.

“You’d certainly want to think so wouldn’t you” XXXX says

"No , I think I’ll skip the play..” I tell XXXX

“What type of Jew are you !” XXXX yells

“What ?” I ask

“Wouldn’t a good Jew be proud to serve in perfecting such weapons and maybe write about being hit with them daily as some kind of proof these hard to describe weapons are real …”XXXX shouts slamming the door.

'But if there's this news blackout how's any body gonna know the person writing it is telling the truth?" I ask

"Oh the people aware of the weapons will know ..nobody else matters than people in the loop ..not the citizens and certainly not the victims .." XXXX says

"And a good Jew would  make a laughing stock  out of himself online  while being tortured to death or suicide for the cause ? What cause is it ?"

"if you start thinking it's a global thing're in big trouble ..if you believe the sh*t they tell you though about the way the world works like some comic book version of good countries bad countries they'll be nice to you and kill you not so slow with the weapons ..but if you start thinking it's some global thing just to make dough you're f*cked as f*cked can be "

I tell XXXX glad my own Mandlers are just space aliens

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