Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Blob Scene 7

The PROSECUTING ATTORNEY asks COLE why he didn't seek legal measures concerning -

PROSECUTING ATTORNEY  -...What you believed was (reading a piece of paper) synthetic telepathy.(smiling turning to the jury for a quick snicker).or what you call a Brain Computer  Interface

COLE-(from the witness box) Oh I did .I write nearly every agency you might think of .

PROSECUTING ATTORNEY- And none of these agencies wrote you back 

COLE-Not a one 

PROSECUTING ATTORNEY- May I ask where you got the information that the things you 'say' you were hearing and seeing ,thinking and feeling were this - artificial telepathy ..a comic book?


JUDGE - May I ask the prosecuting attorney to please keep his sense of amusement to himself this man after all is accused of shooting 6 people

PROSECUTING ATTORNEY-(to jury)Accused of shooting 6 people because a so called Operating Tele -Presence told him to ..(focusing on COLE) When did it occur to you that these voices and visions you were hearing and seeing were not psychological in origin but technological

COLE - I in fact worked in the field ..on mice..neural prosthetics..and I was aware ,am aware that sensory data can be projected upon another without the need for any bio tech whatsoever with waves. and pulse

PROSECUTING ATTORNEY-Biotech (smiling at the jury ) so you believe you are some bionic man 

COLE - Actually the term one uses for such victimization with electronic means is Targeted Individual 

PROSECUTING ATTORNEY - Why have I nor the jury and dare I say anyone not in a comic book heard of Synthetic Telepathy or Targeted Individuals?

COLE-I believe the reason for this is due to a news blackout 

PROSECUTING ATTORNEY-(angry)  You must think of yourself as a very special young man to be made into a bionic man


JUDGE -Objection granted 

COLE- I believe I was more of convenient rather than special .I fit the profile of the typeresearchers like   to use  .Unmarried something of a loner ..

PROSECUTING ATTORNEY- A profile may I add without objection that also form fits that of a gunman possibly with anti social characteristics


JUDGE -Objection granted 

P.A.- If your claims are true that human testing was taking place at the University concerning this "brain Computer Interface" (holding up his fingers to make parenthesis ) with or sans 'chips" -Why may I ask did you NOT listen to what the Voice told you to do 

COLE- It..the Operating Tele-Presence said the testing was being done for Homeland  Sec-

P.A. -Objection.The defendant is trying to play to the jury's sympathies well aware that whatever must be done for security of homeland takes precedence  over  everything else 

JUDGE - Objection granted 

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