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mk ultra ( the church of the poisoned mind )


COLE L.COHEN –Targeted Individuals Memfis Ohio
C-12/03/13+++++ ….The Mefis Ohio City Paper “ESP OP ORG AH HA”{redacted}
                                         Has there ever existed something called a “cult” that so much care went into to make seem a cult than Neuronautics?
 A cult is  an organization that functions outside the laws and conventions of the common sovereignty. The question is why would a sovereignty want or feel they needed to have such an organization at their disposal to use  that at least appeared to have no relation to it  ?
 Why would a sovereignty deem it necessary to  foster such a  movement ..and in the case of Neuronautics actually create one –from scratch?
The purpose of a front is to cover the actual source or reason for a business or company or group to be.

And the purpose of Neuronautics is a cover for behavioral testing.
I am not the first to attempt to try to understand this group that irrationally has been allowed to prosper despite it’s practices .
 Several researchers and journalists  have gone to some length trying to describe the real reason one is “Game ,fair or otherwise “when one tells tales after school about the group has nothing to do with one condemning the “church” the way one is meant to as to validate it's "outsider" status. The status carefully manufactured to seem as far removed from it's source as can possibly be.
One either stupid,brave or ruined enough by this "org"speaks of it as it is from first hand experience  and is thus  made “sport’ to those who have the job of hunting and hurting those whose “intelligence “ threaten something(behavioral testing)  deemed  worthy to the commonwealth  that hints of “national security “
Human testing and behavioral testing have always been allowed to be done because “security “supposedly demands operations considered psychological in basis.
Driving someone to suicide who is involved in behavioral testing is not murder but a resolution to an experiment.
The media has gone along with Neuronautics being a “black hat’ bad guy “outside the law” –a cult.  One can easily “leave the church ‘ so long as one sticks to the cue cards and claims “the bad old cult destroyed my life “
An ex-member of Neuronautics can easily leave the group so long as one condemns the group as it is mean to be condemned and thus viewed as . One may  condemn Neuronautic’s  belief system Neuronautic’s community and cause and  walk away unscathed  .But if one dare say there is no cause or belief  to condemn because  Neuronautics  is but  a warehouse /safehouse for Group Dynamic sociological experimentations one had better walk carefully .
To understand Neuronautics and it’s use to The Office of Interior Intent requires  one have at least some understanding of the real or imagined fear of other countries  mastering techniques of mental coercion during the Cold War to entrain individuals or large groups of the population  with the use of psychological warfare

A concern genuine or not that at least legitimized
“the good guys”playing bad guy
on innocent people made expendable data for experiments .
Much of the testing performed in the late 1940’s and 50’s was outsourced  to Canada or conducted through hundreds of umbrella constituents legitimized as research centers ,foundations, charitable trusts., summer camps ,orphanages …..
Universities …hospitals ..{mental patients according to …were an ever reliable source of subjects who lacked the means or wherefore  to seek help } ….But what was lacking in the behaviorist studies was the type of free will researchers felt they needed to understand in the context of an institution that best mimicked  the type of political regime that presumably might be able to take over a people or country. In the late 1960's technology that could subvert and or alter  a persons cognitions ,emotions became a concern and thus another "tool" for Neuronautics to be outsourced as to understand "psychophysics and psychotronics" within an organizational dynamic of “politic’ that could be studied from the top down .
Foreseen  outrage felt by the public realizing their own country was doing human testing on it’s citizens required the country take measures to create an institution (Neuronautics) that could conduct human testing that –at first-seemed to have no ties to the "usual suspect".
A brilliant mirage that is maintained to this day by it’s participants and the media it from it’s inception it catered to .
But why such catering? To those in the arts,science and Hollywood the group  it in fact often helped but certainly not with the same brand of self-actualization turned on it’s head upon those without clout who function simply as maruta .

Biff put  the Memfis Ohio City Paper on his lap feeling the tightness and his neck, jaw  and head  traveling  down to his shoulders .It was if something alive and unseen was coming into the room into his very body and mind.

"It's a good thing what you're feeling means your body and not just your intellect is uncomfortable reading what a Ruiner writes .Please .keep reading ," Gail said
 And so began the task of creating a shell company /religion/cult/movement to conduct human ecology testing on a wide scale within a pseudo militaristic ‘compound “  to eventually quite purposely  be known for it’s no hold’s barred means of subjugating another to it's "cause'

A cause –if one looks at the organization objectively  is without any cause whatsoever except –to the
guidelines of what sociological and behavioral   experimentation  require to provide meaningful data .

A brilliant mirage that is maintained to this day by it’s participants and the media it from it’s inception it catered to .

But why such catering? To those in the arts,science and Hollywood the group  it in fact often helped but certainly not with the same brand of self-actualization turned on it’s head upon those without clout who function simply as maruta .

One is supposed to believe Neuronautics catering to the culture of film and TV was done for the group’s financial sustainability rather the need of this group to rely on Hollywood to maintain it’s image as the “bad guy”.

We are supposed to believe that Neuronautic’s “fancy footwork” with lawyers over riding the legal system to support it’s “rights’ kept the organization afloat despite it's human rights violations . 

Scratch for long at the literature  Neuronautic’s purports came solely from Gary Rainy’s own musings about ‘the science of the mind” and one discovers that  each ‘new discovery” Rainy claims he made  are based entirely on the same theories concerning  patterning ,de-patterning and group dynamic studies as the numerous “mind doctors” involved in various programs created to  turn whatever benefits psycho therapy might have offered a person inside out to  destroy another’s psyche.

One term often used to describe these doctors and the research done to  “weapon-ize ” the science of the way people think , behave and react to their own thoughts ,others and their environment is MK Ultra.

A term now synonymous with conspiracy theory

The term' MK Ultra"  is a word  psychiatrists are taught to  ‘look for’  when a patient is seen by a  mental health worker.The belief that one might in fact been co-opeted into human ecology tests is indicative one is delusional according to most diagnostic manuals.The fact that such testing takes place and has taken place in most cases in university hospitals and subsequently by the psychiatric “teams” involved with such hospitals is mean to be overlooked .Along with the term Mk Ultra residents studying psychiatry are told to look for other key words a client might use indicative of Thought Disorder and Delusion  are the acronyms of all  three letter agencies who have in the past and present been in the thick of human testing .


The hyper saturation of media exposure granted to this   “cult” (of less than 60,000 people) is intentional .there is a vested interest it making Neuronautics  seem outlandish ,cartoonish and incongruously severe and most of all  outside the jurisdiction of sovereignty .
but  one Is drawing outside the lines if he rips off the comic book’s cover to expose the quite obvious fact this group is not based on anything but “the cult of Intelligence “and the cruel and unusual “rights’ such groups have to conduct inhumane human testing
One may not speak  about the fundamentals of this ‘org” being nothing more than a warehouse for   psychic driving  .
 Neuronautics  practice of Gangstalking and intimidation on it’s members a further examination of psycho -social  deposition  

 Always the same 8 or 9 people saying the same 8 or 9 things happens “just like this “ in the 8 or 9 books that come out a year “exposing the horror that which  IS Neuronautics!’



 Gary Rainy claimed that Ruiners were in a constant unseen war with those with higher qualities than themselves concerning a robustness of spirit that was not depraved and more often than not based only on self that had nothing to do with group vitality .
Ruiners ,Gary claimed were envious of those who were well and un-sick of mind and “went along” with the “norms” that the un-normal despised .Gary surmised that the Ruiner’s years of wanting to be accepted by the norm had perverted their “Being-ship” to despise anything they sensed was a collective .To the Ruiner the perception of what the world is was ill minded .To the Ruiner the world was a rigged world- because this kind had been forced to understand the world had no room for the un-normal and diseased of spirit .

Ruiners ,Gary claimed were envious of those who were well and un-sick of mind and “went along” with the “norms” that the un-normal despised .Gary surmised that the Ruiner’s years of wanting to be accepted by the norm had perverted their “Being-ship” to despise anything they sensed was a collective .To the Ruiner the  perception of what the world was ill minded .To the Ruiner the world was a rigged world- because the powers that be they had be forced to  understand as deviants  had  no room for the un-normal and diseased of spirit .

According to Gary Rainy “There was and is no place to “put” the Ruiner in society but out of sight ,mind and psyche of  society altogether .

A Ruiner , Gary Rainy  insisted ,”must not be allowed to propagate children or ideas or thought or seeds of doubt into the masses that  they only wish to contaminate with contraries, skepticism  and conspiracy .

In various lectures and books Gary Rainy warned those not  yet destroyed by Ruiner emittance or saved by Neuronautic defence strategies ‘ that  one’s spirit is but a  brain signal  and that neurotechnology has proved the spirit reads and thus transmits outside it’s source effecting other people who,if you get right down to it are nothing more than receivers of energy, psychic and otherwise ...And a  ‘neural read” indicates scientifically whose thoughts are good for others to be exposed to and whose are not ..and that thought  matters more than what a person says or does because thought travels further than a deed well done.”

Gary Rainy said ,”Inevitably the Non Person   Ruiner ‘s role in life becomes about using whatever means they can find (wrting,art,film,the internet)  to spread their ill thinking to others as to infect others with their  perverted view of how the world works. Gary Rainy ,who spent his life trying solve the Ruiner Problem in later years came to the understanding ( whether this understanding  was with the help of the Great Entity that Gary Rainy now claimed he ‘telepathized” with on a bi weekly basis or not is debatable as Gary  himself claimed he could often no longer tell where he began and the ‘brainlink” ended )    that Ruiners were not really humans at all  but a  strange and frightening hybrid of man with  foreign beings from some evil environs  light years away sent no doubt down to earth by other  advanced societies who wanted “this kind” banished from their populace .

It was not difficult to spot the Ruiner  without the need for mind scanning technology ,Gary Rainy wrote, because one trait of the  Ruiner is that they  often make  a deliberate spectacle of themselves  as to seek other’s of their  ilk.

 What is the ‘ilk” that is Ruiner? People whose only aim in life it to agitate other’s understanding of the world and those who run it. The Ruiner and their ilk  spend their time  denouncing  those on the  upper tiers of ‘The Scale of Human Evolve”who use their influence  to provide context to mankind with mediated input  to shape the realities of their lessors as to keep the species viable  .The Ruiner cares nothing about his or her species and contends the media is used only  to mis-direct the masses .

Social harmony is seen as social control and manipulation .

According to Gary Rainy an entire life could be spent by a Trugenically  right minded  person –if exposed to Ruiner like sway – as a lighting rod for only misfortune and pain  because the once right minded  person had been misinformed about the power of thought being an  intangible element as opposed to thought being tele-pathic in nature and wielded by Ruiner’s as such.

 Because of the reality of what he called “Latch –Upon “consciousness Gary Rainy cared little about what one said aloud, as once one’s brain was  entrained by Ruiner emittance one would say nearly anything at all to hide their now corrupted “Beingness” one could not help transmitting as psychic energy to others.

To best gauge the Ruiner Latch Upon residue in all of us as to next  remove these qualities with what would become  The Church of Neuronautics ‘s De-Patterning Program  Gary Rainy  set to work inventing  primitive mind decoding technology based on the rudiments of  genuine telepathy .The Pinky Ring a member was asked to wear on one’s fifth finger left hand like a thimble to meter one’s pulse and body temperature was one of those technologies based, according to Rainy on the genuine telepathy Gary was forced to engage in with a non-terrestrial Entity who had reached out to him after he was jailed and subsequently hospitalized for beating his second wife with five iron .

The Pinky Ring that a member of his now ever increasing fold of science minded followers relieved to be free from the archaic superstition and supernatural vestiges of organized religion was now  used more as  ritual  than revelation  to get past what Gary Rainy called the Maskings of Verbal and Facial Countenance to the question  “Is Neuronautics   but a front  for The Office of Interior Intent?”

According to Marcus  Neuronautics  despised the Office of Interior Intent  and all such agencies and departments so much so that  according to Marcus , Neuronautics in fact did  agreed to participate in some the O .I.I.’s neuroweapons and behavioral testing

 but not for the reasons Ruiners claim 

Marcus had told Biff  that ,” Neuronautic’s agreed to use it’s resources to perform  ‘some’ human  testing  for the Office of Interior only because Gary Rainy realized it was best to keep the enemy (the Office of Interior Intent) close at hand..

The joke,according to Marcus , was on the Office of Interior Intent not Neuronautics who agreed to participate in behavioral tests as a way of “knowing one’s enemy” .And what greater enemy did Neuronautics have  than the O.I.I.


“Why Biff did the O.I.I .fear Neuronautics and Gary Rainy so?’ Marcus asked ,”Because the O.I.I. and The Department of Shapes and Lines  knew damn well Gary Rainy was  a force to be reckoned with because Gary Rainy and his teachings went  beyond “man made” law  .Gary Rainy laughed at the agency of man for he had communed with a being beyond most men’s grasp.  Marcus said the O.I.I.scorned Gary Rainy  who was not the type of person they could categorize or pigeon hole and least of all  judge for Gary Rainy was not a man after he met the Great Entity but a deity divined by the Gods. A man who had seen the face of God and was imbued by that God with Godly knowledge inspires only envy and fear in  bureaus and agencies who only understand the law of the land and not the laws above land and sea and space and time itself “

Marcus told Biff it was OK and only natural that a Level One Neuronaut still saw Gary Rainy and the teachings of Gary Rainy as but a means to an end in self-betterment and that Gary Rainy himself would tip his hat to Biff if he saw him as a charlatan so long as Biff never thought of Neuronautics  as having anything to do with what Gary Rainy called “The Motherment “ who wants only  to  infantilize man into his scrimmage

Marcus explained to Biff  that whatever doubts he  might have had about Neuronautics he  was to keep to himself  although Marcus warned him  there would be no way of masking whatever doubts he  may have about Neuronautics during the  requisite Brain Computer Interface every Level 2 is required to take to continue their training as Operating Tele-Presence .

Marcus said one reason trainees were required to take so many courses dealing with Gary Rainy’s insights garnered from realms beyond man was to make it easier for recruits to pass the mind decoding phase of their enlightenment so not a trace of doubt might linger in their very “Being-ship” to the last neuron that Neuronautics is a front ,sham or ruse.

 As Gary Rainy explained  in  his book“Enway to the Enways “ Marcus told Biff ,

”Believe it with every piece of you or we’ll rip you Ruiner to shreds with “it”..this “it” being the  true telepathy you dare malign as technological in origin ” .

 Marcus said many attempt to debunk  Gary Rainy’s genuine Mind to Mind tether with Entities as  technological  rather than supernatural because in some ways the two are indistinguishable but Ruiner try to say this is the point of the entire ‘movement/religion” to serve as shell for such ‘swtich –a –roo”

 According to Ruiner the “myth” of Gary Rainy’s conscious contact with Entities  is meant to  fictionalize the reality of technology that can masquerade as supernatural

and that Gary Rainy is and always has been but a puppet for the   Office of Interior Intent  placed in the role of leader of a faux manufactured ‘movement”spun thick with New Age claptrap  to serve as little more than variable Group Dynamic .An  up and running version of Stanford Prison Test Bobo doll  Free Swim Test

According to Ruiner talk The Office of Interior Intent had spent decades   carefully crafting the organization to appear as “fringe group /cult” group with   deliberately bizarre  belief system  to purposely obfuscate organization’s true reason for being at all –

Behavioral testing

The 3 ring circus Tabloid Press Men in Black dressings -A perfect cover  in which  to safely  perfect and develop  mind control and MK Ultra like human testing -   .

Marcus told Biff that ,”A Ruiner of course needs to think Gary Rainy ‘s communion with the supernatural is fallacious and  part of some grand scheme.

Crazy people with Aberrant mind sets are always conspiring to psych out another’s sense of reality .

An aberrant would prefer the world all around him or her to constantly question what was and what has lead up to what is .

What else is an Aberrant going to say about Neuronautics and Gary Rainy but lies?

A Ruiner cannot afford to accept the truth that  Gary was told by the Entities  that their  Aberrant minds  are and always were  the true cause of all the troubles in the world .

Of course the Ruiner tries to compromise Neuronautics as nothing but an elaborate front for behavioral testing

 because they have obviously been found wanton in whatever tests their souls were given by this Higher Power

 that of course

 they  must view as technological and clinical  .

 Marcus tells Biff  that synthetic telepathy and the genuine telepathy Gary Rainy used with the Entities decades ago are like apples and oranges

 and could not be more different .

According to Biff ,”Only do the two meet  when an Operating Tele-Presence has been ordinated during his Level 9’s to think as a Entity upon others.”

 A Ruiner  who has been doped with biotech  for punitive damages rather than enlightenment puts down Gary Rainy ‘s true affiliations with the supernatural  and thus can pretend he or she is being intra-neurally investigated by “researchers” with  a  garden variety brain computer interface  indistinguishable from the type of real telepathy one might experience if one were brought to task by  alien beings or a schooled OT Level 9 who for all extensive  purposes “is” an Entity in thought and psyche.

After all  Marcus explained  “To the Ruiner  dosed  with biotech to be taught a lesson  =if he or she can pretend the tether is without substance or merit or higher Calling than ‘what is the point ?” but human research and senseless seemingly source- less   torture ? To which the the subject  might have every right to cry “Victim”

And is this  not what an Aberrant who never takes responsibility for their thought sickness always must see themselves –as victim

 of course  a Ruiner sees their BrainLink  as the same thing

   in words and gripes

and  in his thoughts to the Operating Tele-Presence itself   - It is YOU not I who  is  sick of heart and mind to invade me in this manner ...’

 Abberants are experts at subterfuge. Marcus tells Biff asking Biff  to think of Adam in the garden of Eden or Jesus thinking to God in this manner

 Imagine if Adam or Jesus  had  no respect for God .

if Moses only  thought of  a God  that spoke back to his  thinking  as some kind of  behavioral test 

If prophets of yore  thought of a living  God only as something that  ‘had  the nerve’ to dare  breach a human mind!

Marcus explained that the testing that “keeps the lights on” at Neuronautic’s is often used against Ruiners who chose to think of Neuronautics as but a Behavioral Testing facility .A Ruiner thinks in terms of the Lowest Common Denominator ?

That is what he asks the OT to serve him

 If they are lucky

 their just rewards  and come uppance will  only be  this testing they carry on so about

- audio spotlight ,Brain Computer Interface,Direct Energy

 and not the Raindrops , that have nothing to do with advanced technologies or neuroweapons but something akin to magic .

The Raindrops the Aberrant does not believe in except as artifice

  ‘The Raindrops ‘ given to Gary Rainy by the Great  Entity,” according to Marcus ,” are sometimes  used against the  Ruiner  who dare  mock Neuronautics as a front rather than a spiritual voyage  . The Raindrops that make advanced neuroweapons look like a card trick -  “true telepathy and real supernatural communion –aimed at the  Aberrant is a fate worse than death and certainly worse than any neuroweapon

According to Marcus The Office of Interior Intent is right behind Neuronautics on giving a Ruiner what he deserves,  because as Marcus says “The OII prefers to think of Neuronautics as a joke they want  in no way be tied to “

Supposedly many Operating Tele-Presenters  get confused that the advanced technologies that Neuronautics had  been asked to test for the Office of Interior Intent concerning psychophysics and direct energy upon  nonconsensual human organisms as to discover how a human might be incapacitated ,driven mad or  in some way infirmed with neuroweapons   have nothing to do with  the genuine telepathy  that Gary Rainy speaks of at length ,primarily in his ‘Later Day Taints” lectures (DVD $89.99) which outline his encounters with an alien life form he often refers to as Parnell.

Many OTs are said to get confused that the neuro technology as well as the many behavioral tests Neuronautics  had been asked to conduct upon both members of the group and those found in many University Hospitals ,shelters or rehabs upon which to ‘psych out” with such apparatus is not in the same category as “the alien technology”Gary Rainy kept  in a small wooden box given to him in 1973 during the first of 29  out of body ‘ Mindwalks’ with the Entity named Parnell. The alien technology Gary refers to as “the Raindrops’  are described by Rainy  in some length in “Inways to The Enways” as invisible to the naked eye magical space based  other worldly  compounds the size of molecules.

“..this was no meditation .this was no “trip” ,no dream I had somehow gone somewhere else..and as if to show me this that this had happened I saw my body from afar "-Gary Rainy "Inway to the Enway (Parasol Press 1981)" odd it did not matter.
.I was more than, not less than, removed from the flesh but this was only because I was held, not held but encased in something glowing and spectacular that radiated both a warning and kindness upon me..
My mouth moved to speak to this Entity but no words came forth instead I felt a touch upon my hand and a tickling in my hand as I watched with fear and awe a sprinkling of blue ,red, yellow and purple shimmering dust be poured into my palm by the awesome being .
I watched with wonder and worry as the magical dots of light disappeared inside my palm ,feeling the tingle of enlightenment and joy travel around my blood stream like love and warmth itself up the nape of my neck like a mother’s hug and mother’s kiss on the back of my head .
.when suddenly from somewhere from within my brain itself I heard a voice that spoke without words
but a knowing
I converted as best I could into the words
using all of my limited language OUR LIMITED EARTHLY THINKING
to think back at this mystic intelligence
for THIS is how this being spoke
with no words but thought alone
with the all of me I thought to the Being “understand I am your lessor, forgive the limits of my soul and thoughts to dare think to you at all, to dare exist in the same universe as one such as you ”
I was both in my body
and in some distant place where all time and all place and all that occurs within these confines was rolled into one
and expanded upon me ,into me.
. this was done slowly and carefully by this Being who had none of the attributes of person but all persons and something more.
.Don’t ask me how but I sensed the being needed me to not hold back anything , not hold back any thought that might make it misunderstand me
..I felt it sensing me…
and the fear in me knowing -
I needed to let it know every shame ,guilt and poison in me
and through this being back at me tenfold
..I felt this shame and every wrong I have ever thought and done
I wondered and worried that
might be the last feelings and sense of myself that might ever be to me
if I die right now so overwhelemed by this communion was I
and THAT was the point you see...
… the being wanted very much for this senses ,memories and shames and guilts to stick with me .
.so it never could again
..I did not let go of any of it .
.I did not know what to make of this
..I make of it every day
..I make it my duty to sense this and study this
to teach the world how to look at
all people hide in themselves
to be revealed.
or spread to others
with the gifts the Being gave me in this Mindwalk …I give to all who understand on that day indeed I was made prophet by Entities to clear this world of hidden thought.

The Being did not want to feed me too much lest it kill me with the all of it compared to my inability to sense this ..the being was warm and cold ..the experience was terrifying and joyous ..there was no bracing off of good feeling or bad but truth only ..but “it’ this force somehow seemed to understand and want to understand more how a being such as I needed the vastness measured –and because of this I was meant to see myself as infant in it’s care and it held me like an infant might be held and guided me as might a father should through the it is the word for the being was not a being as we know “it” to be but an amassing of all experience of all mankind and beyond mankind as we know it ..every thought every feeling good and bad and in between …every moment of men and woman kind and time going back ward and forward

Biff found  it strange that  many Neuronautics members  confused the mundanity of neuro technology that mimics emotional and cognitive interface with the real divinity of Gary Rainy experience with a genuine Higher Power.

To Biff this lack of discrimination demonstrated a Ruiner like cynicism especially from  the subjects who refused to accept that a skilled Operating Tele Presence who according to Neuronautics actually met with Gary Rainy in the deepest realms of the Neuronautic’s  Integrity Center to be pastored by Gary Rainy himself (through tape or in some rare cases face to face ) and  given sacramental rite of The Raindrop ritual to come mind to mind with the Great Entity in all it’s joy and terror so the Operating Tele-Presence could conduct Mind to Mind on a client or subject “as if” the Entity itself with earthly technology is nothing more than a man or woman on helmet or headset .

One becomes the same .Man and Entity .Technology and Divinity after a Level 9  OT has palmed the Raindrops. 

Such explanations are wasted on the Ruiner who care little that Gary Rainy a man vested with godly knowledge  was and is  kind enough to try to share his  insights into the human condition by breaking the barriers of such conditions once and for all .One man and woman at a time . The Ruiner ,the Aberrant of course cares nothing about a  power so real and so mighty it can  read minds of men without neurotech .The Ruiner focuses only on the technology never on the merits of lessoned Neuronauts schooled in matters that renunciation all earthly ties ordained by a Higher power  to judge the thoughts of man as to for once and for all eradicate the Aberrants amongst us.

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