Saturday, March 16, 2019

Dystonia Portrayed in 'Pop" Culture

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  • should people with thought disorders NOT take these meds they might need because some comic book portrays them - for laughs - for SALES - as Grotesque ?
  • in a sense Scott Snyder is equating a Movement Disorder with Mental illness... like i said the side effects of many antipsychotics is - a movement disorder
  • the character in Batman with a VERY VERY obvious Movement Disorder is - in fact- ( according to the narrative ) a MENTAL PATIENT
  • furthermore DYSTONIA and a Parkinson's like gait is the result of many of the medicines someone with mental disorders must take
  • and often people mistake us for mentally ill
  • we get LOOKED at ENOUGH for looking "funny looking "
  • and it is what GOES with Scott Snyder's depiction of someone with a Movement Disorder that is Offensive to people with Movement Disorders
  • why can someone WITH Dystonia or Parkinson's Disease DRAW themselves as Monstrous and NOT someone who does not ?
  • you should be ashamed of yourself
  • gonna PULL that BLOOm guy out of rotation Scott..
  • Mocking the LOOK of Mental Illness : How DC gets it wrong about Gaming
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