Monday, December 17, 2018

You Are NOT!!!! Crazy you are a TI ..

the dr. thinks I might have the first stages of some 'mouth / jaw " problem
triggered by - false beliefs
and wants me to speak to a professor
( I might even get paid )
about how Online Conspiracy Theory
convinced me to 'let go of my health " concerning specifically
a movement disorder that is sort of like Parkinsons
but concerns muscle contractions rather than tremor
spasms that effect the neck, torso , face..
and palate..
supposedly I 'got ' dystonia in a car accident in 2000
but the symptoms didn't present til years later
and I guess because of this
once "I went crazy" in 2011
in Los Angeles..( i moved there after meeting someone who worked at a movie studio online who promised - or I thought she promised - we could write a screenplay - possible about art..
possibly and Outsider Art - since that was what I was / am labeled as..)
none of this came to pass because 6/7 months after moving to L.A. really weird stuff happened - that i know now was psychosis
but ..
thanks to misinformation online I thought
was all 'Manufactured"
concerning human experiments and weapons testing

It sounds funny.
but it was / is not funny
because I wasted 7 years of my life
trying investigate it

this "it" being a whole batch of nothingness
a whole batch of lies
that have left me with nothing but years of posting on Facebook and Twitter about CRIMES against me..

- obviously I lost most of my friends
in real life
talking about this stuff NON STOP..
and couldn't do the art anymore
because SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT things had to be

Where did I get the idea I was a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL ?
from other people who claim their delusions
but some weird 'STRANGER THINGS " like Government
Conspiracy ..

sounds stupid - that a grown person with a Thought Disorder
( I hear and see things )
would - in spite of - being "off" get sucked into this nonsense
( unless you believe all mentally ill people - are 'Into this Kind of Wacko" - maybe you do ..they're not )
if you were in my shoes
and looking for answers

'WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME , help ,help <Help "
and came upon all these sites
all these books
all these people saying

I KNOW , I KNOW ...Me Too, Me Too
= You Are NOT!!!! Crazy
you are a TI ..

-------thing is -----
once you get this idea into your head YOU ARE NOT ! CrazY !

and in my case follow through with a Neurologist to treat Dystonia
because according to 'Authorities" on Acoustic Weapons Testing etc..

DYSTONIA is the First Phase
of some kind of Slow Kill...

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