Sunday, December 16, 2018

Clothes Swap App ( Batman Fandom )

An APP designed by Dick Grayson that his Mentor claims is his idea that ends with Grayson hiring a hitman to kill Bloom.

Clothes Swap begins with Dick Grayson being disfigured by Bloom with Bandwidth for pocketing some of his escort money.
Not being able to work any longer in the sex trade Grayson decides to sell his clothes and "reimagine " himself as a take on Jimmy Olsen.
Unable to sell his "hipster/ hypster"wardrobe Grayson gets the idea to create an App and next a Site that 'Flip Fucks" entire wardrobes based on sizes , style etc.
When 'Flip Fuck' takes off and Grayson is asked to sell the concept Bloom intervenes claiming he "grok-ed " the concept upon Grayson's mind.

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