Monday, December 17, 2018

To Whom this Concerns , I am Seeking a Lawyer to Consider my Actions over the last 7 Years

that concern the Google Search Engine.

If it were not for 'it" the Google Search Engine I would not have convinced myself I was a Targeted Individual but a deeply trouble man who needed psychiatric treatment for a Thought Disorder I claim was exacerbated - perhaps knowingly - by Google.

Certainly a troubled man with no money , no place to live and 24/ 7 hours on their hands ( hands that never stopped touching the keys of a computer since my initial bout with psychosis in the Autumn of 2011 ) might be of - use to the Google Search Engine in terms of mental health study and there is much evidence that 'it" like Facebook were and are involved in a host of online research that seeks to 'reverse engineer" the intentions specifically with serious mental issues.  

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