Monday, December 17, 2018

things went wrong for me - really wrong - when Batman volume 9 came out

I was scrolling down the google after putting my own name in - for art- I used to add art i did to the stories i wrote about my 'so called" electronic harrassment in the bog ( nobody reads a bog ) an directly on facebook ( both a bog and the facebook read backward and - well..mean nothing to anyone but the writer - except as OMG " he even keeps a bog

"It figures " ---
I think of myself as being spoken about sometimes by the people I used to know before I publicly disgraced myself in L.A. when my so called targeting first began
I say 'so called" because ...
if one never heard of it and it didn't happen to Justin Bieber or some such shit who gives a good damn...

sort of like a bog..


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