Monday, December 17, 2018

D.C. Comics and Mr. Bloom

not much you can do with crazy ..especially if you have a movement disorder - to boot.

Finger Painting.
Card Games.
trips to the Mini Mart
to buy gum or cigarettes.

I go out for a walk sometimes - but not often.
I am not 'part" of the world
nor the streets I walk on.

I do not even drive a car.

I do not have a job.
I do nothing all day from morning until night ..

I used to frame my experience with madness
as stories but the true madness of being mad
that there is nothing UNMAD
to fill up one's day.

When One is Crazy
all one feels is crazy
all one LIVES is crazy
the house one lives in becomes a crazy house
the body one lives in becomes a crazy body ..

my body is crazy
it turned on me
it took on my traits of lunacy and decided to run with it
to turn spastic and perverse.
Ugly and rigid ...

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