Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Making Mr. Bloom

we see DARIUS CRANE remove his coat , tie , pants and get handed the equivalent of a potato sack to try on
an ASSISTANT 'takes in the spectacle "
DARIUS gazes at himself as the ASSISTANT hopes others to see him
with dismay..

( but a deal is a deal )

another PROFESSIONAL enters to help cast DARIUS as 'just the type "
- this one - dressed -as might an 'Artiste' in a french farce

DARIUS : And whose this supposed to be ?

JONATHON CRANE 's LAWYER : Your art teacher

DARIUS : I can't paint

LAWYER ; that's the point , we need evidence that you're "Troubled" that cannot be faked , well , presumably cannot be faked.

DENNY PACE enters the room- an MGM version of 'metal patient" from his lack of affect to his bad hair cut , ill fitting clothes and clumsy stance

DARIUS CRANE is amused and circles the odd ball

DARIUS : Well, if it isn't Slingblade in the flesh..

LAWYER : Denny is going to do the undercoat of the paintings and you'll finish them off and sign them..

We see the lawyer on his phone starting to bring up some of Denny's work while DARIUS gets CLOSER to his "muse"

DARIUS ( flicking his finger at Denny's face ) You a retard or something? Or ON something? Or did Being ON something Make you a Retard?

LAWYER ( shooing Denny out of the room ) Enough Darius , this man saved your life ( handing the phone full of Denny's painting to Darry ) doesn't want credit

DARIUS staring at the atrocities

DARIUS : Who the hell would?...for ( handing the phone to the lawyer ) Tard Art. Right ?

LAWYER : they call it 'Outsider Art

DARIUS : Tard Art by any other name

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