Monday, December 17, 2018

well while scrolling I noticed between all my art was this ugly weird looking cartoon thing

'Mister Bloom "
and i'm like Fuck Man
my arm sorta looked unprofessional enough and now it's interspersed between some bent up , odd looking 'guy' with the same name as me
i was never a comic book fan
but I wanted to know this "guy's ' story
it turns out this new Batman Villain was some nut case
who had biotech in him - electromagnetic -SEEDS..
same shit I was writing about since 2011
when the folks I had -run ins- with
aimed Voice to Skull at my mind and a weird rash appeared right before I was hospitalized

( the SEEDS? Biotech - a Spidey Bite ?)

well since that rash
since 2011 and my hospitalization i not only hear shit but see stuff
and I mean SEE...

it's 2018 now almost 2019
and let me tell you bro'
THIS venture - leads to jjjjjjjjjjjack shit ..

you is a PIG for some take on Wayne Industries
totally losing it
a fool
a freak ..

literally living in Mommy's Basement..

so I feel I must STRIKE BACK..
seek revenge
after all ...i am Mister Bloom.

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