Tuesday, February 9, 2016

promote integration with the brain tissue while introducing minimal mechanical perturbation. The ultra-flexible probes were implanted frozen into rodent brains and used to record multiplexed local field potentials and single-unit action potentials from the somatosensory cortex. Significantly, histology analysis revealed filling-in of neural tissue through the macroporous network and attractive neuron–probe interactions, consistent with long-term biocompatibility of the device 
rightWe used an optogenic like method of corresponding Hz aimed at site specific Hz specific neural probes lodged in the test  subject's ventral tegmental area .The probes scored to only be triggered  by correspondence  frequencies remotely "aimed" at on and " off" parts of the neural systems involved in romantic love..It is important that the subject bond with his or her Operating Tele -Presence completely during the initial three months of Direct and Indirect Neural Interface. Several of the behavioral aspects of romantic love suggest that bio chemically it (love) is consistent with recorded neuronal sequences  concerning in vitro synaptic studies of cocaine addiction in Macaque monkeys    (David et al. 2004Kalivas and Duffy 1998;McBride et al.) acute cocaine injection has been shown to activate the VTA in fMRI studies of humans (Breiter et al. 1997). In addition, fMRI studies have shown that secondary rewards like money activated the nucleus accumbens/subcallosal region and VTA (Breiter et al. 2001Delgado et al. 2000Elliott et al. 200020032004Knutson et al. 2  )More data implicating reward regions and dopamine as an important neuro probe placement to serve as synthetic neuro "transmitter" is needed in human studies with A.I. ,VR and Direct Neural Interface to best understand and thus simulate  the feelings and behaviors of romantic love .Next we must attempt to adapt probe resonance and placement to best mimic the natural signal firings pertinent to evoking in the human organism the simulation of feelings of dread,fear, terror,agression and self loathing by remote means 

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