Sunday, February 7, 2016


XXXX comes into my room and begins removing the TV like I am not even here...and than starts ripping open my drawers...I am on the bed my Team had told me I had better begin drawing tiny people in tiny boxes...and putting bubbles over their heads...and little circles with little triagles attached to imply only little people are in boxes ...little cartoon people are saying the things I am not supposed to say....
but all the people I am drawing seem to be staring straight ahead.....more like they are talking on youtube...and I begin throwing the little colored pencils on the floor..Of course XXXX thinks the little bluecolor pencils    I let roll onto the floor is some response to his behavior...
"Don't push me Dumbo" XXXX says
I know why he's taking the TV and scouting for's because the roomettes for some reason decided to tell on me...after all these months..
and now it's really really -at least to XXXX all my fault we have these vacant rooms...
because he didnt know and WASNT SUPPOSED TO KNOW that one day a few months ago the roomates were set to move back in..after the fiasco concerning *****'s little brother.
it was on a day XXXX was out of town on a business trip...
and ***** came over to make ammends ....bringing with her the little brother in question...
asking me if I could say i was sorry..
so i did...and everyone was set to move back...when **** gets a call saying she had to be back at the resteraunt she manages  and please please please could I watch her little brother cuz she didnt have tiime to drive him home..
so of course I said yeah ...not that I wanted to
I didn't like the kid..
even though i said "sorry"..
i guess some 5 year olds you like and some you don't
all kids aren't equal..
well **** leaves ...and you can tell the kid is like afraid of me or doesnt like me

'why should he -the feeling is mutual..
so i say ...well do you wan tto play Minecraft? and the kid can't settle down and he's a moron or i say you want me to make you grilled cheese and the kid says he can't eat milk...i tell him cheese has hardly any milk in it which is why they call it cheese..
the kid wants me to read him something beaus he says thats what baby sitters do..
I get mad that he thinks of me as some babysitter....for some reason because my job is really to make sure ,as far as I am concerned he doesnt go playing with lighters or running into the street out the door ...or drink bleach or something..
well i begin reading him some book about how to lat down ceramic tiles because that's the only book around ...and the kid starts rolling his eyes like some hot anything I do isnt good enuf for this little i say OK i will tell you a real story
...about the stuff i write about concerning Mandlers.
and how there's these teeny tiny sensors in everybody's body and mind that bad people released into the air and clouds and foodand soda    ...
and these little teeny tiny "chips" swim up your blood and latch onto all the cells in your mind like billions of them,,,and people with headsets meant to read your mind ...sit there every second of the day ....decoding every single thing you think and dream and feel..and if they decide they dont like you they will begin making you hear and see and dream things ...and soon begin making you do things u might not want to do kill people ...or eat puppies...and that i have a feeling very soon the Mandlers will not like what he is thinking and begin making him hear and see things...and he starts crying..
well i cant leave him alone can i I try to calm him down by telling him maybe we should have step with the book about how to place ceramic tiles down so they won't move or collect mold...and the kid seems ok with more crying...and I even make him cereal with soy milk....his sister comes home and is so nice to me saying thank you and that's that..
except t***** says to XXX the next day she thinks it's too soon to move back...and XXX is like "damn" but he expects it....and we eat a little cheaper for a while...and than this morning I hear XXXX on the phone ...and just know the damn kid told his sister I told him the story of the "apps'

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