Wednesday, February 10, 2016

a TI does a lot of research....
and a TI forgets how they even heard of the term TI.(Targeted  Individual)

one can't keep track of most of the TIs they "meet " online
many who dare begin sharing the details of their story
with you
about face very quickly.
they have said too much

the way one knows one is saying too much ...going into too much detail is unique to a person literally
tagged to be manipulated with technologies that concern means of control one cannot see..

one spends an awful lot of time sounding like a pundit .."well you can't see the signal that controls a pacemaker  can you...but you sure would notice "it " 9if you had a pacemaker0 if the 'beat" ...."wave" .."pulse"  "frequency " that operated the device sped up or down.
or stopped completely.

and soon one spends an awful lot of time alone for speaking this way

who  (most of all ,really a fellow TI) wants to hear it?
a TI hears inside their own mind
endless questions about WHY is this taking place
WHO is doing it
and HOW does it work.

somewhere in our journeys  to answer these question
usually at the height and also at the ebb of certain tests done with frequency with both our bio ,neuro and physiological  signals
we begin writing to all matter of law enforcement,legislators,human rights group
and soon stop
we realize our letters ,petitions etc describing our situation reads as garden variety delusion ,psychosis  ...thought disorder
Most Tis seek psychiatric counseling and and do in fact follow instructions to medicate our  so called "chemical imbalance" with medication ,talk therapy and even hospitalization
many TIs finding no respite from their "delusions"  and their aura and visual "hallucinations '
attempt suicide.
Many succeed.

we "stumble upon' information about  advanced and covert technologies created to purposely entrain another's mind and body with directed signal and directed energy created as weapon
to deliberately cause disorders of both the mind and body with electromagnetic frequency 9EMF) extreme low frequency ,(ELF) milliwave and microwaves NOT because we are desperately attempting to "explain away" our psychiatric "imbalance"  or the stigma that goes with such diagnosis
with an even an explanation even more stigmatic and open to ridicule than that of
"mental patient" -that being - that one has been somehow "augmented" or "targeted" for human testing.

no,we stumble upon the term Targeted individual because  we might be looking online  or in bookstores..for reasons psych meds are not working there something you or someone you know is taking that works ..
as we all realize the internet can lead one to places that one does not expect...
places one does not seek ..
yet often one peruses a site they might never have sought as they see similarities and accounts of others who are having "atypical" circumstances that do not gel with clinicians
concerning not only onset ..but  secondary symptoms of "thought disorder"

One by one we learn about a type of weapon that billions and billions of dollars have been spent upon for decades.
And one by one we discover that the United States has a history of testing biological and chemical weapons on it's own citizens.
Furthermore we discover that the United States has a long history of doing psychological "ops" on it;s own citizens and this is where a typical TI many ,if not all of the "madness" we have been exposed to we now see is almost point for point with psychological threshold tests done in the late 1950's  60's and 1970's.
Has schizophrenia standardized it's symptomology precisely to the tactics of Push/Pull Psychic Driving Techniques and somehow taken it's means of illness directly from the Kubark Manuel? and the work of Dr Ewen McGregor and George White..are 80 or so "nuts' who do not know each other experiencing "by the book" verbatim "imparted" scenarios and renditions as mass pathology?

There is very little information about Neuro and Psychotronic Weapons nor Direct Energy Weapons and certainly less by those who are researching and deploying these weapons on citizens online or in books..
Human Testing is not something one talks about  or writes about (unless one is the victim of such ) .Human Testing and documentation of such is the type of "work" one shreds.

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