Monday, February 15, 2016

(1)Desensitize both subject and therefore  word as to
Re-define the word or term (mind control)
Media resources to
- contrast image of term HIGHLIGHT fiction concerning facts.
Entice writers,publishers,movie makers to make science -science fiction
Desensitize the term (mind control) with examples of heinous ,violent acts occurring because the "actor" was under the influence of term (mind control)
Encourage celebrities (late night talk shows,radio hosts) to discuss the topic seriously with optioned experts to provide  EMBARRASSING MOMENTS AND FACTS when  describing the subject matter    
 as to INVITE ATTACK on "expert" and therefore subject matter 
attempt to balance the story with more optioned experts to be discredited at a later time
Use of semi fiction to appear to make a purposely outrageous story be presented as "the whole truth"
 Use fiction to portray a realistic version of events as fiction regarding mind control . - Report to the President,"  June 1953. U.S. President's Committee on International Information Activities: the Jackson Committee

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