Wednesday, December 2, 2015

ya think Denny Pace..I think while re- cropping just the right JPEG D the computer program meant to decide such things decided would be the best "avatar" to induce Denny to interact with me online
The JPEG according to the algorithym is based on a high school chum of Denny's
appearance ..but not too much
Denny accepts my Friend Request on The 8th Floor Social media
(me Biff Bevin as -Frank Mills -now Deny Pace's 157th friend )
but Denny does not respond to my Instant Message
Autistics in the "program' are not very easy to engage..which is why Proxy Cyber
"apps' so many of "this kind"
C'mon you f*cker..
I think
wishing I could get inside the Son of a B*tch's mind.
Level 3 Neuronauts are not allowed to go Mind to Mind with the Proxy
We're encouraged however to give the Proxy's wards
help in the field
by performing "Street Theater/ Truman Show" type renditions
upon the Proxy
to inspire thoughts in the subject that help add nuance to the human husk's Direct Neural Interface
Soon i will finish my training to "walk this Way.Talk This Way"
but for now
I am the online "Gentleman Caller"
Earlier this afternoon a young Neuronaut chosen because he resembled Denny Pace's high school friend
was placed within Denny's field of vision ,timed to go with Denny's daily walk around the neighborhood
Denny's shrink (one of our guys) had insisted Denny not hole himself up in his room
as this only left him to his delusions of being a "Manned Man"
According to Denny's Operating -Tele- Presence there was no hint of Denny noticing the Placed person meant to ease Denny into connecting with me as "Frank Mills" online
Denny Pace wasted everybody's time and money not noticing the Cue
to best provoke Denny to respond to stimuli
ME,as Frank mills 23 Favorite film "The Big Littles"
Went to- Milgram HighSchool
Works at Artist self employed
Followed by -237 people
I begin "liking" Denny's entries .
Careful not to scroll too low.
I wait for a hint he has checked out my 8th Floor Social Media page
I wait for Denny Pace's autistic little face to show up my carefully doctored page.
I eat a candy bar and decide to go for a stroll to get some coffee
and return to the computer to see if the little f*cker has responded to my IM that says ..
"I too am a Targeted Individual..suicide is not the answer .It means THEY won"
No response.
i am tempted to write the sentence in the IM under one of Denny's posts.
But at a recent seminar we were told even the "dumb ones' are wise to Faux Friends
Of course suicide is the answer ,I think, while adding a smiling emoji to one last "Hello u there" Instant Message
OF COURSE YOU IDIOT suicide is the answer
they just have more tests they want to do..first,I think to myself sending the IM

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