Thursday, December 10, 2015

back-propagation of error

 "Predictively Dum Dum artificial neural networks would have    “difficulty with social imagination”
which is why human organisms with baseline social skills
                        as you demonstrate all too well
                   are often
for construct of neural networks

perhaps certain human organisms were necessarily placed in developmental binds
to precipitate such baselines

for study and neural engineering

“Social imagination stultified by Trauma Based Abuse fostered perhaps by "silent sound" and old technologies
perhaps yes and perhaps not
were indeed used on a small portion of the population to .."

"Dude...or whatever you are ..I think this was less terrifying when you were..
just ..."

But the computerized ...impersonal ,actually friendly continued. With the subtext of .."this is what you wanted
this is what you get..

for an inevitable link between man and machine..the Autistic Social Misfit the perfect computational device to allow an electronic device to understand and predict other people's behaviour, make sense of abstract ideas and social artifice


Thank the Lord.
The Mandlers step in!
but than the machine begins again

subjects in the subgroup of human specimen raised only for exploratory purposes.
once encouraged to explore all purpose outside of their marginalized world
demonstrate they cannot thrive outside the parameters of Guinea Pig

-the subject now being taught to understand and interpret other people's thoughts, feelings and actions
enjoys playing with this new understanding ...
- the subject who has been taught to predict what will happen next, or what could happen next
enjoys provoking supposition

the subject refuses to move forward
in fact chooses to dwell upon clinical aspects of their "pedigree" as human subject
Because the subject now sees no future
the subject becomes more and more dangerous to himself and others.
there is no evidence the subject will ever experience
“full age appropriate autonomy"
because that Khazarian sh*t
as you full f*ckin knew was about
ecumenical framework for personalized Direct Neural Interface via Decision Support Systems
dumbass" My Mandler graphs
inner vision
very sweet
I see a hand
holding another hand
letting the one hand go
and next see a pit
and a sketch like drawing of a tiny form falling
and than somehow I feel a sense of falling
"LIMBIC LIMBO ...with HAPTICS you Homo" Tru graphs
"You want up the stakes Scumbo? Please allow me to reeeeeintroduce myself"
The computer voice returns
as people will get smarter
we need to create a rather Old World system of control
based not on myth
but physical
and psychogenic MADNESS
What we mean is
  what the A.I. doesn't like first it drives insane

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