Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Assessing the role of color additives and people's beliefs about color-flavor associations via Brain Computer Interface

Proxy Cyber was asked  to investigate if the effect  of an actor's physical appearance concerning consumer identification meant more than the taste of a product.

Brain Map and thought decoding were used to measure evoked response to discover if taste or self referential cognition affected a belief that good looking people drink Compo Cola Amber and  the inferred belief that  Compo Cola Umber was the drink of choice for less attractive people . These results demonstrate that people's associations can modulate their flavor discrimination responses, even for a familiar food product such as Compo Cola. Although the less expensive food additive used to give Compo Cola Umber it's coloring was deemed to taste metallic .....

2003-Intracranial neural interface system
US 20050143790 A1

In some preferred embodiments, without limitation, the present invention comprises an implantable, intracranial neural interface node which is an integrated and minimally invasive platform system and supports cross-modal neural interfaces to the cerebrum and other associated structures in the central nervous system. The neural interfaces comprise electrical and chemical interfaces for neural recording, electrical stimulation, chemical delivery, chemical sensing, chemical sampling, cell delivery, genetic material delivery and/or other functions of interest.

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