Friday, December 25, 2015

.When two or more animals engage in similar behavior and that behavior is species typical, the term contagion is often used (Thorpe, 1963; also called mimesis, Armstrong, 1951). Contagion can be used to describe certain courtship displays when they involve coordinated movements between the male and female that are can sometimes appear to be virtual mirror images (Tinbergen, 1960). If one wants to create a child to respond to Cues one must first create incidents that cause these "mirror image" based "contagions"  upon the child's notion of "self"  at an  age that precedes the child's ability to "think in  words" thus  creating a child who responds to Cues which  according to behaviorists must be instilled (imprinted)  upon the child in  coordination with  situations of induced trauma pertaining to enactment of or observation of extreme violence (physical or sexual) .
      When this coordinated behavior is done in concert with Neuro Linguistics either created by electronic "Frey Effect(" so called silent sound) and or the introduction of Visual ,Olfactory etc sensory input (i.e the "ubiquitous Queen of Hearts Playing Card) that can  direct the child toward rather than away from danger.  (Hoogland & Sherman, 1976). Contagion based Cues and Associations  can also be shown in an appetitive context by under feeding the child deliberately and continuously  so the child can be introduced to associations insinuated by "giving the underfed child's prepetual hunger..A child who is raised to respond to Cues and Referential requires one to  satiate the child's needs (concerning hunger) only when  the presence of food serves " to-be-acquired "cue based response. The giving and with hold of touch must also be used in relation to instilling Active Response to a Provoked Response (love).

When a child's behavior is deliberately stunted the child will be forced to overcome induced trauma by compartmentalizing his "persona" so the child 's mind can many years later serve to "hold" pieces of introduced input that another "persona" created to "deal " with instigated trauma based disassociation can retain without "other " parts of the child now a man or women knowing(  so figuratively "one won't left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing ).
 The choice of control group in humans raised on referential cues should be both random and insinuated i.e. (provoking a marriage by. Mickey-ing a woman's drink so one might "knock up" the female so she might be "forced" to marry an 'arranged" Father . 
Trying to sort out cue-ed response from  emotional motivational effects  can be quite complex. Although using well-trained  "Fathers" can reduce the likelihood of pain-produced cues being  noticed  by observers (Del Russo, 1975), it may not be possible to avoid the effects of  fear-produced cues that may be insinuated into the child's mind by non instigated input of fears .
One way to avoid problem is to limit the child's exposure to input (Tv,radio) unless the Tv and radio is used/aimed  and pre-programmed to help re-insinuate fears and trauma already "programmed  into the child.

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