Wednesday, December 2, 2015

There are 5 distinct personality disorders that lend themselves to subversion.
The Narcissist ,the Histrionic Narcissist,the Anti -Social,the Sociopath and the Borderline
Often ,as is the nature of such pathology this kind is not satisfied with suffering silently with their sick mind. This type enjoys polluting others with their traits and thus this kind very often chooses to be or moreso PRETEND they are -an artist.
Neuronautics nor any therapy nor religion nor pill can fix this type .This type does not believe there is anything wrong with them you see?
Always there is something instead wrong with everyone else BUT them.
These individuals are what we at Neuronautics call Unresolvables.
Our goal at Neuronautics is to unmask those amongst us who hide beneath a veil of normalcy.
Indeed with Brain Map and Mind Decoding technology
Of course the "sicko" despises any neuro technology that might expose their filthy ,perverted inner monologue.
The artist who seeks not to hide their degenerate ways and thoughts and beliefs
is a unique case .
This type who wishes to not beautify or elevate the human condition but scrutinize it is often the most offended when neuro technology is used to scrutinize and perchance fix their ill mindedness .
What is the artist who willingly chooses to parade their sick mind as to best influence and infect others but a virus that needs an antidote.
What means does a Sicko like this have to spread their sick thoughts to others?
Surely not the mainstream media who carefully sifts this type out
but the so called alternative media.
For too long we have allowed perverted Thought Styles to poison others with their views.
Unregulated the deviant 's ideology of degeneracy threatens to undermine the carefully constructed
use of the media to subdue and not excite or incite those most susceptable to influence
The youth.
'Inway to the Enway" pg 231

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