Tuesday, January 8, 2019

the psychiatrist smiles, 'Why You?" - Me - I say - I'm disgusting , Look at me . I'm exactly what THEY want talking about being a TI

  1. but look at you now ( sad face sad face ) you're a disgusting creepy coward like me typing online -- and everyone who sees your posts says OMG!!!! Her !! Again !!!
  2. you do something DANGEROUS ? oooh huh TI went to some anti fracking meeting BIG BOY! - or spoke out about 9/11 HEE MAN ?
  3. Me I'm a disgusting CREEP - that's why they Chose Me they KNEW I'm a PUSSY and a WEIRDO Loser too afraid to really fight back - why they PICK You?
  4. hell, I'd aim weapons at little "pussies" too --- wouldn't you? don't you just HATE cowards? and mouse click warriors?

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