Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Golem / Emet / Englebart

( the finished basement,the Lair of BLOOM ,Jim Gordon's nemesis 
he is wearing his Damien 76 ' English School Uniform simultaneously painting upside down Gotham City Flags burning 
and writing on a site that feature's Jim Gordon 's wife ORLEAN)
From the POINT OF VIEW of GINA , a beautiful maid we see what appears to be BLOOM seeing and hearing things
next from BLOOM's POINT OF VIEW we ,the audience see what BLOOM sees and hears just as if we were Bloom's Remote Cuers staring at screens that decode his sight and listening to speakers that have decoded his hearing
The MANDLERS we see have forced BLOOM to see a version of CHUCKY from das mooooovies
"nice pup-
now... how do ya' think Dumbo 
did on the Linden Linaeus Scale of Human Evolve today
by writing these stories he wasn't supposed to
"Yet ," Bloom inadvertently 'incepts"
BLOOM yelling -Yet is the Operant word you fuk.."
Gina makes a -'Knock ,Knock"
carrying him cold beet soup
GINA (to Bloom,looking at what Bloom was,seeing nothing )
You Ok?
"Shut up you fuckin' -maid," Bloom yelled ,"Damn Mexican .."
The words leave my mouth before I can take them back
"The Mandlers ,Gina ..they make me say things and write things"
"Tell that to my boyfriend when I tell him what you said .." Gina said smiling
"LOOK ,right here ! ," i say ,"Induced speech by Microwaves Weapons ...see..that's Bruce Willis and that that's the nigger who does the weather .."
"They should lock you up again ,"Gina said ,"You're sick Bloom and sick with the K.."
"So I should say I'm on that what you're saying ?"
Bloom 's MUM comes down 
Bloom tells his MUM ," Gina just said only kikes eat Borsht"
Gina folds her arms
Bloom's MUM to GINA ," Your fired "
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