Thursday, January 17, 2019

evil empire, what kind of Jew are you?

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Jim Bloom
the stylized family the
arranged marriage
of certain types
is not a new thing .Peter..
only that this stylization happened to include fore knowledge of Things to Come
concerning nano particles and such....
Mentorship via Neural Interface and all that fine stuff you've been carrying on your back Peter ..
my name isn't Peter
to make someone OPEN MINDED toward the Take over
required a certain malleability of mindset
based on a scattering of self integration
that certain childhood traumas have been known to evoke.Exponentially
there's theorems ,algorythyms x equals this,y equals y all over the place
your grandfather was a scientist was he not?"
can i have another lollipop?I ask
The Loon hands me a pollipop and jumps on top of the garbage bin and startes twirling and dancing like a marionette
But Peter,you provincial square
you let down
you shmuch
you ingrate
you faggit
they didn't count on the inhaled stimulants or you to being so difficult and so so pre-emptive !
who gave you the idea to smoke crack
.You completely fucked it up ,there's really no way of making you shattered glass again.!
Decades of imprinting were just wiped away in a single puff ,you're supposed to be Tommy Walker in this not some Paul Revere secretary...
so now
you're simply a liability ,a ruiner,
you may as well be one of THEM
well they're still trying to save me i tell him,cure me,I say ,afraid
Dude,spare me the born yesterday shit,who you think wrote half these god damn stories in your wooden Woodhouse head
we're trying to drive you mad
they hate you
for being such a Ruiner

ahhhh i'm sorry pinochio,the Loon says sticking his hand down my pants
"Yeah yeah yeah he say
thats all Dumbo understands
yeah yeah yeah...all those drugs they gave to you over the years ,those pills ,the built up diagnoses,RUINED cuz Pinochio short pants wants to be a wigger.smoking crack,with the boys in long pants in the alley,he says punching me in the stomach
I'm sorry Pinochio
he says pulling me up
the Loony tells me to sit on a milk crate and takes an intravenous needle out of his backpack,a spoon and a small blue cap full of powder it's not heroin, it's Holmium,
the 67th element in the periodic table,it's magnetic and disengages the receptiveness of nano particles making them Virtuuualy non responsive,Like you are.
too much Holmium will kill you Pinnochio
and not enough won't do a damn thing
it's a delicate balance
but how'd you like those Mandlers 
to get a dial tone or a busy signal instead of your neurals. graphs and readings
they told me the only way that would happen is if I were dead.
and I just won't be dead.
but disappeared dead
the worst kind of dead
and it won't be fast
it will be as slow
and wasteful
as I am
"you were supposed to be Tommy Walker,not Tommy Talker.and now your Tommy NOBODY!Hope you enjoyed yourself smoking crack with the Big Boys and typing online..hope it was worth it,caus eyou got no idea what's coming next Dumbo ,now roll up your fuckin arm"he say ,as a black van pulls behind the dumpster

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