Sunday, January 6, 2019

Seeking Lawyer for Google Lawsuit

  1. I can testify and HOPEFULLY WILL ONE DAY just how very persuasive these SITES and the people on them can be to convince a Mentally Ill person to NOT seek treatment
  2. but the way this SHIT is presented is as TRUTH
  3. IF the THEMES of ELECTRONIC HARRASSMENT and VOICE TO SKULL and NEUROWEAPONS were presented as CREEPY PASTA that's One Thing ...
  4. i do NOT want to see another Person with Command Hallucinations get sucked into this MIND FUCK -
  5. I was time and again REDIRECTED to SIRES that CLAIMED "I was NOT Mentally Ill " but a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL
  6. To Whom It May Concern , I want to sue Google for damages. But more to the point my suit is for 'the next" mentally ill person SWAYED by the presentation of CONSPIRACY THEORY as TRUTH in the Google Search Engine. Rather then GET HELP for a THOUGHT DISORDER

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