Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Freak Show

  1. remind yourself
    fellow TIs
    how MUCH
    you MATTER
  2. and this post
    means the same as the post 5 posts ago
  3. and this post means the same
    as the post on January 28th 2017
  4. now, this post means about as much as the post from May 3 2014
  5. and the post next year
    means as much as THIS Post.
  6. and the post from last week
    means as much as THIS POST
  7. and this POST .
  8. means THIS post.
  9. remind yourself this POST ...
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    Tornado Warning for Mercer County in PA until 11:15 AM EST
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    Sonradan Julius Streicher yaptıkları nedeni ile Nürnberg de idama mahkum oldu.
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    Get you committing suicide
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    Leave you punching your head
  14. - maybe I'll see you later babe.
    find a way to make you more invested..
    - see ya' around
    - cuz if it ain't me - honey - it'll be someone else..

    like they say in Ho'wood..
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    Imagine the most tired person ever.

    Then picture them waking up on a miserable Monday morning.

  16. what the fuck are you talking about ?
  17. we're all in this together?
    we're ALL equal .
    we are all of Equal Worth ?
    we ALL Matter.
  18. Not as Random as You Think ?
    Class Action Lawsuit - Facebook manipulated the Feeds of 700,000 Users
  19. There was “an encyclopedia of information on the computer ,a whole new vocabulary to help explain what she’d experienced: gangstalking, brain computer interface, psychotronics."
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    Authors investigated whether "oscillatory activity is causal of motor deficits such as tremor" in movement disorders.

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