Tuesday, January 15, 2019

All About That Base

DARIUS - I just played with him ..that's all..he was game and than was scared..you know the type ..afraid of a ball or a punch..I was trying to man him up ..he said I will not be mentored by a homosexual...I will not be mentored by a Jew
DENNY ( yelling ) Liar ..
DARIUS ( tearing up ) It made me very sad ..not just for Denny but for the world
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Jim Bloom
Hello TI's welcome to Kazar Kingdom the Pod Cast for those who have been forced by The Powers that Seize and Seed to Cast Doubt on everything the The New Way decides to shove in our ears and eyes.
And now our Minds.
Who needs ears and eyes anyway when The Kazar Kingdom got Ultra Sound and Extreme Low Frequency to bypass such redundancies altogether
(Backround music of "We Are The Champions " plays)
The World as we know it has been bought and sold by Parasol Pictures
who long ago parlayed true radicalism into a brand of Urban Lifestyle.
If you're being gangstalked and frazzled by directed energy weapons and dreaming the dreams of Gary Rainy do not touch that mouse during this short commercial break from TI Suprise's new line of
Mini Pulse Hounder Wave Be Gone
A hip and sleek new chrome colored bio degradable casing that adds style to any TI home
(Backround music "We Are The Champions" swells)
So did anybody watch last night's episode of "This is Neuronautics!"
Anybody catch that little piece of Kazar Kingdom playing in the backround while Dr. Payus is speeding down Ventura Blvd trying to escape from The Office of Interior Intent ...
Well TIs this certainly shows that we are making progress .The TRUTH is finally getting out (shifting papers , changing his tone to serious ,"We Are The Champions" fades, Jacob Roth coughs and pauses,more paper crinkling )
I have before me a file .
Can't say where I got it or who I got from
Except to say this guy was BIG in The Department of Shapes and Lines in the 90's
And had access to some pretty classified stuff
and decided who else but Kazar Kingdom should share the Truth
the True Truth
and nothing but the Truther Truth!

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