Tuesday, March 27, 2018

What Was the Point of Writing Online?

DENNY - The point ? The Teams wanted to pump you up with so much nothing and everything at once you had little choice. You had NO LIFE . I mean literally- the weapons made it difficult to move ..tremors. and the dystonia was exhausting...you were constantly confused..you either laid on a couch or bed like Gregor the Cockroach flailing with tics and spasms or got up and sat at the desk typing on a the toy. The neuro modulation based on animal electrical stimulation of rat and cat brains to promote manic became hypergraphia with the Voice to Skull steering you along like a player piano to SCREAM for your life on the social media..but the screaming was not for you but for those who rely on data specifically to use for consciousness models based on GUESSING why one post followed another - Folk Psychology..Of course the only people with means to read posts like this were academic and corporations involved in neural networks.People who had CLOUT - who could have said something ..but why would they ..billions were involved in the run - off...

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