Saturday, March 31, 2018

go home

There's an on- going Joke between me
and "The Demons" ( this shit ain't real - who cares- nor is any reader of this "real " to me ..)
that if I keep
falling apart  ( throwing the baby{ the 'fun ' stuff } out with the bathwater { the military / intel stuff}
THEY ( a term nutters use ) won't be able to do this anymore...

I suppose "they" say this to all the Maruta ( we're infants to them - in terms of sense - and I must say the ''DEMON SPELLS" they use as if ELF or medical Tele-Metry on a Patsy - sure do not just infantilize a guy - I am no 'guy' to them - but emasculate them to such an extreme beyond my capacity to 'roll")

They say this ( Voice to Skull . Oh You Demons !)
to give the dupe some feeling they "have a say" in this ..

_ I am not supposed to - BE AWARE - how daft- how crazy - this sounds..

An Outsider Artist ( i.e Strange Character//i.e weirdo , pervert, freak ) is auto didactic in output
( pleeeez)
out there ( i am still at 1:30 PM EST wearing pajama bottoms - I can care less what I look like , smell like etc..I am drowning not just in the entrainment but what life it has wrought in terms Life Style... i.e wearing pajamass. et al at 1:30 PM
thinking about suicide on a beautiful saturday afternoon ..

"GO HOME, " I grok to those whose task it seems to be to send me
visuals atop my natural sight

"GO HOME," I grok to those who always try to reset my mindset to
Pac Man Lives after - one time too many seeing "the face thing "
or thinking " I am 49 years old with nothing but synthetic madness to get me through the day and this ridiculous form of Non Communication to feed THEIR BABY - not me..

I can deal with the TORTURE as TESTING
- even the weird face thing ..
the weird Dystonia caused by the Acoustic Weapons part of this free for all ( I "work - for free- I am a new kind of slave supposedly Master-ed ( Masser-ed) by a hand held mirror ..

Many ain't exactly the experience of being a "man-ed man"
quite the opposite ..


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