Tuesday, March 27, 2018

DARIUS -Lofty Ain't The Word for what we Were Doing to the little Ruiner


.the face thing ..yeah..he was to be many things to many people..and to be honest it helped me steer him.. if he began writing bad shit about the testing I made him look as ugly as his attitude - AlL Maxwell Maltz stuff..all by the book..this was about studying THE SELF and how self reacts to stressors..I never said this was going to be a pleasure cruise..Denny knew this was about threshold ..but also many many exciting things pertaining to ideas and thoughts and man's conception of reality ..most of the Proxy took the bad with the good ..were't whiny little bitches like Cole and Dennis..

CORNEL - Dumbo took it like a man

DARIUS -Dumbo took it like an animal..not a pussy ..he ate out of garbage cans..lived on the street.. used drugs..stole little objects ..no Mommy's Basement "Good bye cruel world " for him...

CORNEL - Denny lacked fortitude - bad genetics all over the place

DARIUS - you said it - not me .. I'd liek to call Dumbo to the stand

CORNEL - that's not how it works

DARIUS - ( to judge) Can i have a moment ?. Denny Pace's Bad Eminations have caused me to seize up and have ugly thoughts. He's riddled with Latch -Upons and how me and Dumbo did try to cure him with Psychic Driving

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