Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Face Thing was Disgusting - at 1st I thought it was to..

get the Dupe yapping about somatic and conversion disorders..
I knew it had to do with seizures
the more seizures you have
the more "open your mind " is to
the slightest stimuli
the original state of entrainment becomes self perpetuating

the slightest breeze
even a memory
+ this was all worked out on animals
and a TI is nothing more than
a person used to emulate theory based on decades of animal testing

+ there was nothing lofty going on here..
and if there was - it all became lost - in the
"get in the maze' - get on the wheel ..
cut and dry..

_ it was not fun
it was dismal
that's the word for the days ..without work..living in someone else's house ..
you spent a good portion of the day writing about it but you didn't really care anymore..
you were too angry or shattered to write it as fiction..
you hope it showed ..timeline wise - in the blog..
+ you hoped one day - long after you were gone someone would
use your words as if a Cold Case File
is this arrogant..?
 this was a crime being done in real time others such as Google , facebook and Twitter were profiting from..
Facebook even has JPEGS of your "Face" on Direct Energy and Acoustic Weapons
back when you thought  posting the disfigurement meant something
+ you believe Facebook or Twitter or Google for Christ's sake were - the Good Guys ...
you didn't know the NIH was involved with Zuckerberg..and the NIH was up to it's "For the Greater Good' in all the way to the bank - Homeland sponsored - non - accountability- one hand washed the other..
there would never be a trial
and you'd just be one more dead mental patient who claimed their situation was
"MAGICAL "in origin
but in 20 years who knows
so greedy lawyer might want to make a buck off some dead son..
or more likely Netflix will see binge worthiness in the Ewwwww of it all

 i did some research on MK Ultra and learned these Merry Pranksters
were trying to understand how to ugly a person up with hard science for decades
in the 1950's it was potions and chemicals
by the time 1960's they were doing work with electric - wireless
no chips needed..
every single element of the face works on a very specific signal
the lips , eyes jaw, nasal flap ..
many of these are flat muscles that cannot be moved but they sure can be inflamed wirelessless.

Palatal Myclonus - and the radio telemetry used as nerve block..
no blood getting here..too much somewhere else..
+ it doesn't take a rocket scientist

and here you have good old Hollywood again helping those doing this freak show out
what's it called The Brown Note?
"play" a certain frequency and someone shits their pants..
The situation is now a fuckin 'South Park "episode- THAT is Operation Mockingbird..
TV.."Oh You Saw That On a Black Mirror episode...and what makes YOU out of billions of people so damn important you were targeted - by the way ..

you go crazy
for real crazy
suicide is always on one's mind

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