Tuesday, March 27, 2018


DENNY - They'd say anything to convince you this was - about something besides ..do you know . I don't know. But it was not about anything that they say.
It was not about you being some type of cautionary tale. That I know. It was not about anyone researching why Jews were made scape goats although my handlers said so.

CORNEL - You called them Handlers.

DENNY - I called "it' a Synthesized Madness. A phony possession. I called it what it was - Electronic Harassment..I assumed it was military..a way of manipulating either one person or several. I knew it relied on nobody having the faintest  idea  it was possible. The looks thing was the least of it . But in fact it was devastating. All of it was caught on tape - by many in the jails of all places. The police knew about the testing. This is not some small operation. Is there a group of people in the know trying to understand how a fake rapture - a fake possession might effect a person. I believe there is. I came face to face with these people. In the jails , in the courts and on the streets. The weapons mimic mysticism and our idea of being haunted from the inside out. This I believe included the face. It included the muscles and nerves. This is not something I am willing to protect. But trust me there is rather little reason to expose it because it is too bizarre and quite frankly in my opinion something people find too evil to consider. nobody would do something like this to a person much less a population.

CORNEL - Darius Crane's job and the others who used these weapons on you was to keep you constantly confused. Constantly coming up with theories as to why this was happening.

DENNY - 6 months in you can really not function. It's literally all consuming.
Friends you once knew stop talking to you . You stop talking to them. I could talk of nothing else . And I believe this was the point .My job was to play up it being torture ..good old fashioned torture not the for lack of a better word"Blue Beam " stuff...I was an artist who painted and drew about cynical things..who questioned the company line..did that make me a dissident- no..but close enough that I could be used as someone who might have had it coming. "Gotham " does not fear any dissident ..words do not matters..or posts..or protest..what's trending means something for a few weeks ..if something is to trend it is trended by those who wish to create a Happening ..that implies "The People" matter..some laws are changed..and this proves to the "masses" we are - part of the process...it's absurd...and dangerous..To answer your question - i functioned as a dissident well enough to place in the public stocks..the social media - by my own hand ccrying TI.TI ! that's how it works these days..it's very ,very simple 

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