Thursday, May 4, 2017

time only stops when 'The Long Now' chooses...

and thusly therefore a human husk types on to occupy his daze
long after whatever purpose the writing serves -seems to - serve one's ward

nobody more then a Targeted individual realizes how little use the social media is
in terms of informing another of issues when these issues are not manufactured and or dispersed by the real news

like a prisoner of war in a prison made of bars one can not see that poke into one's very nerves
a human organism entrained in psychophysical direct energy meant to take advantage of not only the public's lack of knowledge of these weapons but Hollywood 's complicity in depicting these weapons as "Strange  Things' and foddle for Made-in Cautionary tales..

like a prisoner trapped in an ever smaller and smaller life  (and the will to live such ) the prisoner of war either plays with lint and lights through the bars  (TV) or starts making marks -and perhaps puppet shows /fairy tales to get through the day -the very same shit  (TV) that regulates Electronic Harassment to and brain entrainment to just more of the same he or she is against to minimize the very reality that one is screaming for their lives

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