Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Batman Comic Book about Mister Bloom sits on the couch taters as i am from referencing

..I had first discovered the comic book and the character Mister Bloom when a friend wanting to buy another piece of art said "what's with all your paintings being next to Batman when i look them up'
Low and behold when I typed the words Jim Bloom into the search engine came my art yes between pictures of a sickly bent over guy with no face and fingers like insect tentacles..
it was bad enough when someone looking to find art or -a date- came upon the "sickly" backstory Raw Vision equated me with (I had never given an interview - somehow the man managing my art had -summed me up as a Mentally Ill "Troubled Person" who -picked up a nasty movement disorder - in a car accident -
Indeed I have a movement disorder but it had nothing to do with a car accident but the Direct energy Weapons ..
furthermore the art used by Raw Vision to -? promote me - is anything but -
greeting cards done in the early aughts about blow jobs and some "inside joke " i was asked to draw for a friend (not anymore -for i wonder how this "Don't become the Bloated ..such and such ..ended up a JPEG /object of Art a magazine could display ...nothing has done more to hurt me as an artist then being labeled an Outsider Artist financially besides Raw Vision's hatchet job of my capabilities as a painter -and my character ...)
and now a grotesque figure named Mister Bloom appears between some of the worst paintings I have ever done - (curious I was why 'the good stuff' is never shown -it's out of my hands as is /was my retort to Raw Vision basically saying WTF???)
-according to my old art agent -the good stuff - must be held back..


well...more amused then angry -(although my work takes on the cartoon aspects of the Batman comic because it is next to it -perception wise ) i went to buy the comic book..figuring I need more and more paradigms to contextualize my experience being but a human husk for science...
it turns out Scott Snyder's Mister Bloom is rather nothing more then this himself
and i switched the action from Memfis Ohio to Gotham
as if - to own nothing -at all
as if to prove I was so invested in trying to describe this horror show being a Targeted Individual
I would deliberately drape the story upon someone else' copywrite..

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