Thursday, May 4, 2017

for months now the theme is Batman..I am a child in a cage playing hand ball with maniacs

the ball with "the Bat" (play ball! play ball ! play ball ! -all Summer Long I heard this through the wall in 2007 -all my life has stimuli been provided to make me -just this - nothing is unbearable  but of use to "my team" who needed not just a usual suspect -viewed as creepy ,crazy - oh the lengths  they went to to promote my "art" as Outsider /Weirdo - in retrospect it is amusing because at the time  was not in on the joke - which was me ...I had no idea what a signifier was...nor semiotics or how important it was to "change agents'of a certain ilk the the Dumbfucks of the world (you reader and me as well ) understand what WEIRDO not only means but looks like visually (oh not you Dumbfuck .ME )...

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