Thursday, May 4, 2017

blue brains over VALIS!

they use a human husk in some way "wired" (don't ask me how .i only work endless seek and forage for pertinent information aside from the  bread crumb shit deliberately placed in 'wordpress" bogs that look no better then this filled with key words to ring "true" as Truther nonsense one turns away tittering from on first encoutnering the word NaziStassiNewWorldOrder  no doubt  written in ALL CAPS in neon blue  or green 
by folks trained in god only knows how many years of Linguistics ,Lexicon and Semantics as well as propoganda and whatnot by whom?
The deep goverment nazistasi new world order alien agenda !!!!!! 
get the picture or do I have to add some brain floating atop 010001000010001 'decor" seemingly being breached by lighting bolt lasers and such Dumbfuck so even a child gets the point -nothing this person is saying means anything but exactly what the blog was commissioned to -
specious nonsense..
I often wonder if I am only adding to the problem as my 'whilst away the daze" jottings come up with nearly every inquiry into neuroweapons ...
scary --this shit comes up 3rd or forth in search engine when someone seeks to find serious academic 'real news"about a trillion dollar empire.

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