Monday, May 1, 2017

I'm not sure why i began writing the bulk of this "documentation" on facebook.
what a joke people -documenting their evidence on a platform run by a "service"
created only to quantify keystrokes and correlates of thought process
that openly admits to Behavioral testing to gauge 'consumer affect in response to modified visuals and news feeds meant to evoke a predictive response..
being a TI demands a type of suspension of disbelief that -thankfully (?) is aided by the endless
inducement of neuromodulation upon one's physiology to make one entrained
-wireless frequency that I believe you're familiar with as a means of perverting human attentionality
the need to discuss 'What Is On One's Mind" get a hell of alot of help
with that unseen signal swinging your nervous system to quite the same state as a TV does after only 2 minutes..

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