Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Ten Eminations

INT - THE LOFT ( Golem City ) - KNIGHT
Batman Volume 9-
Mister BLOOM and DAMIEN Darke also raised Co -Hort
leave the LOFT and hop pop into the car
DAMIEN takes out a pipe to smoke some Augustine
BLOOM flicks it out of his hand.
BLOOM - You wanna be high or you wanna get low ?
BLOOM- (starting car ) Do what you want .Anyway I want this one for myself.
DAMIEN - Nobody hates a Jew more than Dumbo
BLOOM smacks DAMIEN's head
DAMIEN - What? That's what Rivic calls you .Says you too had a thing .
DAMIEN makes a blowing gesture
BLOOM - Least he wasn't my father Dame-ie
DAMIEN - Darke wasn't my father
BLOOM - Tech -nic-ally He was Chickie .Tech nically he was.
DAMIEN tosses the pipe out the window
DAMIEN - So where's this kike who write against kikes live
BLOOM (laughing ) Dude,this is L.A. ..where aren't they
BLOOM and DAMIEN watches WEST they will soon make TI WEST through the window
TYRONE we see through the window BLOOM and DAMIEN have snuck to Scooby Doo Sundance 93 "Alt Style"
going Franco Brood Bro' Bro' as they make their way to the house
all beta male rickshaw rail
-for das kidz..
BLOOM sees WEST going full weal into a cam ,Nazi Flag behind him
and picks up a rock
smashes it through the glass.
Both BLOOM and DAMIEN give the "Jew Hater' no time to act and drag him through the window
into the car
BLOOM - (holding a Bat,man) Tyrone? You piss in my car I'll cut your Jew loving dick off

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