Monday, July 2, 2018

Glass man

RIVIC sits in the chair besides 16 y.o BLOOM a shoelace around BLOOM's neck that RIVIC pulls upon than releases.
Some people like that .Sexual Perversion is Something your People Created 
(RIVIC sticks his hand under the sheet ) and pulls on the shoelace ,choking BLOOM ) See,you like it.
(begins jerking him )
Yeah like it alot 
(smacks BLOOM in the face )
Wake Up Bloom...I'm here to Save You not Hurt You..Ok?
RIVIC sits in the chair
Puts his head in his hands. 
Reaches into a pocket and takes out a photograph 
we go CLOSE on a 'picture day" polaroid 
an innocent ,awkward pre-teen girl 
(RIVIC shoves it in BLOOM's eye)
That WAS my daughter
She no longer exists she's in what you Jews call the afterlife.At least not the one The Chosen Ones dreamt up 
I don't believe in no Jew -like afterlife.I
Or maybe no afterlife at all
think it's something Jews made up 
to keep everyone bowing down to them
Bowing down to their filthy movies
My daughter bowed down to Jew movies..
she was a very 'Pretty Women --
as she grew up
a movie ...influenced her ..more than her own mom and pop
about -What One Should Be ' in Life..
YOUR KIND made my daughter run off to Hollywood.
and become 
a Pretty Woman ...
(raises his fist high to punch BLOOM ..but stop mid way through and falls into his chair crying )

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