Saturday, July 28, 2018

Go Fund Me - Video Game Hating - Kill a Perp

INT -SECTION 8 BLDG 8 (Gotham Housing Projects)
Video Game Design
is immediate.
The PLAYER may 'scan " and 360 the Dwelling
to SEE mold and mildew in the BASEMENT of BUILDING and also HEAR rats
before coming upon a MULTI ETHNIC Group of AUGUSTINE ADDICTS
smoking up the latest "Bring Me Down" to keep the LESSORS "Daze-ie"
Up, Up, Up to the roof
the PLAYER can go to the sound of a pop song
meant to be Empowering to the Poor.that 'The Sky is the Limit"
if Only If Only
..inside the hallway that leads to the Roof top is "made from scratch" work center
we 'know at a glance" indicates - a Real Go Getter gonna Denzel himself "Outta This Place "
Inspirational posters..and a punching bag..
The Player can 360 round the "Rocky"of et all...posters.
and the Semiotics of "8Mile " shhhhtle...
"Gotta Get Outta' This Place" Lionsgate bait bait bait..
Up On duh' Roof we see a Tower of Communication Amplifiers.
- bwingin' duh World Together..
with Wifi and Wonderful..
and next to a young woman at the edge of the roof' ledge
"will she or won't she ?"
The PLAYER is informed the story doesn't begin 'that way'
when the Tap On "The Girl" ready to leave - GOTHAM
"Otta This Place "- Now More Than Ever..
and we find ourselve's in OLIVIA VENTRIE's Apatment
...said the strange slender man in her dreams
A TALL ,Slender Man "Spooky Spook" in 'Bell Book and Candle"
"Whose there?" said Olivia in spite of herself
'It's the Candy Man ..and who likes candy?"
"I do !" said Olivia
'I bet you there's a big basket of chocolate at the door but you'd better get there quick!" said the slender man
"Mommy said I should't take candy from people I don't know - they put things in the treats"
" My oh my did I pick the wrong little girl . SUPER GIRLS! want special POWERS in their treats to become SUPER WOMEN...but I guess you want to not be SUPER ..That's sad Olivia..but understandable it's very very scary to be a super hero "

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