Saturday, July 28, 2018

Level 8 Killing a "Pactor "

How Many Points Does One Get For Killing a Pactor?
First, create another objective for Points that has nothing to do with the Player getting CREDIT for the kill ( i.e . it does not matter if anyone knows WHY the act was done - charity is best done in secret and also allows the Player to kill several Pactors over a number of years )
also keep an objective board that gives points for Players who want to make a statement with Pactor Kills.
and a Minus Point Board for Players who do not shoot in the right direction ( Gamers who do not think of Symbolic Representation Models ...i.e. that the PACTOR killed is linked in some way back to "The Firm" involved in Human Ecology or Psychotronic Torture)
of course these factors do not matter if a Player simply wants to 'pick one off" for 'The Greater Good" ( one less sociopath in the world et al.)

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